Grab an opportunity to Write for Us, i.e. TourBite, which invites you to Share Your Travel Stories & Journey Experiences with the common masses around the world. We are currently looking for passionate bloggers, who could share their thoughts, expedition journey, travelling tips, advice and varied other stuff with the readers out there.

But, before we start telling you the entire procedure and guidelines regarding the write-up, we would like you to know a brief introduction of who we are –

We are an India-based tour operator, who is also expanding into international tours these days. We are basically a travel enthusiast and love to organize tour for people, who pursue a dream of travelling around the world, specifically in India. To make sure that our customers are satisfied and happy with the tour, we designed several packages, to suit the diverse needs of customers. But, apart from all this, one thing that we enjoyed the most is the travel stories of travel junkies. We have heard so many inspiring stories and thus, we want our customers as well, to come across a diverse range of exciting, funny, memorable, thrilling and motivating stories. Therefore, we want some wander lusters to come forward and share their experiences with us.

Important Contribution Guideline

While you’ll be sharing your thoughts with us, we would like you to go through these guidelines, to better understand what exactly we are looking for –

1. You can share all your amazing travel stories, in both English and Hindi language. No other language except these two, would be accepted.
2. You can write on any popular destination that people will love to travel to, especially on any Indian destination.
3. The minimum word count of the content should be 1200 words.
4. You must provide high quality and relevant photographs in the content.
5. If the image you provided is not original, mention the Name of the photographer and the source URL of the photograph, beneath the image.
6. The image should be JPG format and large in size. Also, it should be captured horizontally.
7. The entire information in the content should be correct.
8. The content should be 100% plagiarism free.
9. If it is possible to add some punch lines or attractive headlines, it would be a great thing.

What You Can Share With Us?

You can write tips, advices and several Indian travel stories related to topics, such as

Historic Places,

Travel Ideas,

Budget Travelling,

Culture Tours,

Adventure Tour,

Offbeat Destinations,

Religious Places,




Places to visit,

Things to do, 

Haunted Places to India and so on
You can share a specific vacation moment that will never fade away from your memory.
We would love to hear about the best of all destinations that you have explored till date. Also, you can tell us about your future travel plans and why do you wish to go to a specific place in the upcoming days.
Any adventurous trip or location that you have ever visited.
A trip that truly changed your perception about life, joy, diverse cultures and so on.
You can also rewind your memories and tell us about a memorable family trip that will last until generations.
You can even confess anything that you experienced during the journey.

Editing in the Write-Up

TourBite holds all the rights to make changes to your post for any type of punctuation, grammar, spelling and other types of error. In case, the edits are major, we shall share the edited post with you (via e-mail) for you approval. Reference links for similar blogs may also be added. If found inappropriate, we would change the supporting image in the blog.

How to Submit the Travel Story?

To submit your story, you simply need follow these points –

When you are done writing your story, you can simply mail it to us at and also include your photos, if you wish. Further, in the subject line, you can write “Guest Post By (Your Name) – My Travel Story” and send it to us.

At the end of the story, include a short introduction (not more than 50 words) describing who you are, what you do, your social media profile links (atleast 4) and your blog address.

Why Should You Write For TourBite?

This is the most important question that must have struck your mind. We understand that nothing comes for free. Therefore, in return to your contribution, we provide you with the following –

1. Credit at Author Section
2. Reach to thousands of online visitors
3. In case, you have your personal blog, we can give you a link there.
4. Comfortable accommodation at a beautiful destination in India. (this is only in the case, if we really like your story).
5. Social media sharing of your story on the social profiles of social media –



You will be notified through mail, whether your post is approved or not. In case, it doesn’t get approved, you are completely free to publish the post elsewhere.
We will share the post on social media, once it gets ‘live’.
You can monitor your post and also respond to the reader’s comments. Additionally, you can share the post on your personal social media profiles.

Rush To Grab This Opportunity

If you are a blogger, you must definitely get hold of this opportunity, as it won’t knock your door again and again. Your single story can push you towards new heights of success in the online world. People out there are dying to hear some exciting stories, which motivate them to travel or simply boost their knowledge. So, why don’t you fight to become a powerful resource for the travel readers? The readers will be able to grab all the information they are looking for and this in turn, would boost the readership of your post. In addition to this, if we realized that the quality, writing style and creativity in your story is truly unequalled, then we may definitely provide you with numerous content writing assignments (related to travel industry), for freelancing purposes. So, pull up your socks and show your talent to us…!!

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