5 Best Places To Take A Fabulous Selfie In India

Ever since genius people putted front facing camera in Smartphone, a new trend of photography tool place that spread like fire into the entire globe. Yes…Yes we are talking about Selfie that is not only becoming popular among teenagers instead its being enjoyed by people of all ages. But to get a perfect click you need to have an amazing location at background or else it’s going to be same old boring picture like rest of others.

In order to standout your click Facebook, Instagram and other we are bringing you top 5 places to take good Selfie that you can plan on to tour along with your friends.

1- Living bridge of Meghalaya

One can plan an adventure outing with your friends and family as this place gives fascinating sight of Mother Nature. The reason behind its name is the aerial root of living banyan tress whose fig unsurprisingly form bridge over river and paves a way to people to cross. There’s no hand of any man made instead its pure creation of nature.

2- Athirapilly Falls at Kerala

Kerala is filled by so many serene destinations and waterfalls are one of them. Out of so many, Athirapilly Falls is one of them which are 80ft long and also known as Niagra of India. One can sit at shore and see the sight of white river stream flowing from mountain. Place has been famous shooting spot in many movies and surely going looks right for your Selfie tour.

3- Pangong Lake in J&K

Tranquil region of this place makes it’s a heaven destination. You’ll never forget the sight of Pangong Lake under bluish skies and sandy brown area that mesmerizes and persuade you to stay eternally. Besides if you want to flee the heat than this is jackpot destination to you. Reaching here is not an easy task as it is situated at 14,270 ft but just in case if you made, simply capture stunning moment and showcase among your friends.

4- Jodhpur at Rajasthan

There are several things to do at this place from Culture, Attire, Traditionalism, Monuments, Forts, Cuisine and Dance form. One can spend entire day in exploring Rajasthan famous place and clicking so many pictures. Besides, who doesn’t love the camel riding and camping at desert land? So for your Selfie blue background snaps do consider this place.

5- Havelock Island at Andaman

Among all the beach destination in India, this one is the most prominent and soothing one that gives the best look at ocean. One can opt for Group Tour Along With Friends as there are tremendous things to do besides swimming at seashore. We can bet that your friends going to be jealous cause your having fun and posted good photo of yourself.

Carry a fashionable attitude along with yourself no matter any destination you choose. You got to think like- Wait… let me take Selfie first. It’s time to put yourself out of shelf and travel to these fascinating places where you get astounding surroundings for unforgettable snaps.


My love for travel and writing is not too old. It just happened to me, 2 years back, when I used to work for a travel company. I explored multiple destinations, which inspired me to start blogging on different travel topics.

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Author sunil-teotia on May 19, 2017

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