Travel to Krishna valley with our Vrindavan holiday packages India designed by Vrindavan tour operators Delhi. Our delighting Vrindavan tour packages give you to unforgettable trip to spiritual place also known as birth place of lord Krishna. Vrindavan is located in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan is a devotee’s place of Krishna. The town has many temples worshipping Radha and Krishna. Travelling to Vrindavan will make you feel connected to Lord Krishna. One could learn so much about Krishna childhood, his birth story, his love toward Gokul people and also his Mahabharata preaching’s.

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Basic Facts About Amritsar:

♦ Ranked: Ranked 9 of 42 in Uttar Pradesh Tourist Destinations
♦ Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
♦ State: Uttar Pradesh
♦ District: Mathura
♦ Altitude: 170m
♦ Language spoken: The Official language is Hindi, but Sanskrit is also in practice
♦ Weather info: Summer 22°C to 45°C winters 10°C to 30°C.
♦ Pincode: 281121
♦ STD code: 05664


Vrindavan is an ancient city and has an important place in Hindus culture. Vrindavan has more than dozens of temple depicting Radha Krishna. Govinda Dev Temple is one of the oldest temples of vrindavan built in 1593. The area bustled with the sacred chants of Hare Rama, Hare Krishna. People along with devotes plays rangoli According to Hindu mythology vrindavan is a place where lord Krishna was born and spent most of his childhood.


The culture of Mathura maintains a divine link to lord Krishna. Krishna was known as Maakhan chor i.e. butter- thief. That’s why Mathura-Vrindavan makes the finest butter and other milk related product. If you visit Mathura you’ll definitely get maakhan as a Prasad. Music and dance includes- Raaslila, Sanjhee, Charkula, Rasiya and Devotional Art. Coming to fair and festivals, vrindavan calabrates- Janmashtmi, Holi and Govardhan puja.

Major Highlights

Here are some major highlights to go through –

■ What to Expect: Cultural trip, Historical monuments, Sightseeing, amazing food, Rangoli.
■ How to Travel to Vrindavan:
■ By Bus: There’s a direct road link from Agra and Delhi and Interstate bus services are available on regular basis.
■ By Rail: The nearest station is at Mathura, 11km away from Vrindavan
■ By Flight: No direct flight is available, the nearest airport is IGI Airport which is 150 km away from Vrindavan.
■ By Road/Cab/Self driving: Reaching Vrindavan by car is the best option. Agra-Delhi highway NH 2 is well connected to Vrindavan city
■ Minimum duration of Holiday: Atleast 4-6 days
■ Time to Visit: January, February, March, September, October, November and December
■ Most Preferred By: Family, Kids and Couples

Top Destination

■ Temples: ISKCON Temple, Prem Mandir, Bankey Bihari Temple, Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple, Rangaji Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Jaipur Temple, Shahji Temple, Govind Deo, Sri Vrinda Kund
■ River and Ghats: Yamuna River, Kesi Ghat
■ Others: Seva Kunj, Nidhuban

Travel Tips

• Beware of pick pockets. Keep your passport, money, jewelry in your own lock.
• Don’t take ride from unknown person.
• Take care of belongings.
• Beware of tourist trap.
• Do not venture Yamuna River alone, go with a group.

The city of Krishna is calling you. So let’s plan your journey to spiritual place where you and your family can have divine experience. Away from the city noise, Vrindavan is the perfect place for you and your family to have soul refreshing and divine experience. It’s a place that make you feel connected with lord Krishna.

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