Travel to Mount Abu with splendid Mount Abu Holiday packages designed by 100+ professional Mount Abu tour operators Delhi bringing you lucrative Mount Abu Tour Packages to make you and your family jouney remarkable. Mount Abu is located in Sihori District ad is the most famous hill destination in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is popularly known as the highest peak in Aravali range of Rajasthan. The journey toward Mount Abu make you experience unforeseen and marvelous beauty of Rajasthani culture, its food, tradition and peoples. We have designed our packages with our heart covering every attraction points and every details to make your trip worthy and memorable.

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Basic Facts About Mount Abu:

■ Ranked: 3rd in Rajasthan Tourism
■ Famous for/as: Hill
■ State: Rajasthan
■ District: Sirohi
■ Altitude: 1164 m
■ Language spoken: Hindi
■ Weather info: 32 to 45 C’
■ Pincode: 307026
■ STD Code: 02974



As per the mythology, Mount Abu is also known as Arbudaranya named after serpent god Arbuda. As per the history, Gurjars were the original resident of mount Abu. Many inscription and epigraphs proves the association of Gurjars in Mount Abu. The legend further says thet Mount Abu was the home for many saints in old days. Hindu god and goddess were used to visit this spiritual mountain. Historically, Mount Abu has been sanctuary for many warriors. During the British reigh, Mounta Abu was also declared as summer capital of Rajaputana State.


Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. You will see local people in their traditional outfit, capable of growing their own food. Coming to festivals, Rajasthan is a feast of folk and classical music. Rajasthan is famous for its Gharba and Fire dance.. Beside these, Rajasthan is famous for many dance form like ballads, Ghoomar and Daph folk dance. Many travelers devote their evening night in the name of folk dance. The food in Rajasthan is served in proper thali making it more presentable.

Major Highlights

If you too want to beat the heat, then pack your bags and plan your honeymoon away from heat in Mount Abu.

♦ What to Expect: Sight seeking, Shopping, Eating Out, Festivals & Events
♦ How to Travel to Mount Abu: Abu road is the nearest railway station that connects the city and rest of the part.
♦ Minimum Honeymoon Package: ASK (Per Couple)
♦ Minimum duration of honeymoon: Atleast 4-5 days
♦ Time to Visit: In Summer time
♦ Most Preferred By: Families and Couples

Top Destinations to Visit in Mount Abu

• Temples : Dilwara Temples, Adhar Devi Temple, Jain Temples, Mahadev Temples, Ambika mata mandir
• Other places : Art & Museum gallery, Datda Sea World, Government Museum, Palm view garden, Pool garden

Travel Tips

♦ Mount Abu can be really chilly at nights so it’s better to carry blanket and woolen clothes.
♦ One need to carry lose cash for small purchases like spices, clothes, jewelries, etc.
♦ Carry a original id proof if you want avail services like car and bike rental.


So you have read all about Mount Abu, what now? Let’s step on toward your journey to awesome place of rich culture, tradition, beautiful scenery and handicrafts that will leave you stunned. Mount Abu is filled with awesome beauty, great tradition, tasty food, folk dances  and much more. This could be your most awaited holiday trip so think no more, let’s go.

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