Plan your journey to natural beauty with Leh Ladakh Holiday Packages India by 100+ experienced Leh Ladakh Tours Operators delhi  who are ready fulfill your travel needs with our Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with comfort. as well as per your needs. Leh Ladakh is the land of rugged natural beauty, ornate monasteries, picturesque lake and spectacular landscapes. Hence, if you are in search of peace and solace, this is the ideal destination for you. Further, this place also attracts several adventure and wildlife lovers. Here you may find room for varied adventure activities. Not just this, you may also come across several endangered species of animals, like Tibetan hares, Snow leopards and yak. Hence, if you are planning a trip to Leh Ladakh, we can help and assist you throughout, so that all your travel and accommodation needs are met.

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Basic Facts About Ladakh:

♦ Ranked: 2nd from Jammu & Kashmir
♦ Famous for/as: Hill
♦ Status: Jammu & Kashmir
♦ District: Leh
♦ Altitude: 2750 m
♦ Language spoken: Urdu
♦ Weather info: 5 to 40 Celsius
♦ Pincode: 194101
♦ STD code: 10982



Ladakh is situated in a cold desert that is almost 3500 meters above the sea level. This place is known to be under the rule of several descendants of the Tibetan kings. Further, it has been used as a trade center, because of its pleasant weather and convenient location. It connected India with Western and Central part of Asia. Talking about Leh; it is the capital of Ladakh and is known to be an important stopover on trade routes. The main goods that were carried include Banaras brocade, salt, charas, grain, indigo, pashm or cashmere wool and silk yarn.


The culture of Ladakh is popularly known as Ladakhi culture and is quite similar to Tibetan culture. Most of the people living here are Buddhists or Shia muslim. Further, the major languages spoken here are purig, English, Ladakhi, Urdu, Hindi and Tibetan. The culture also reflects in the cuisine, music, dance, architecture, costumes and festivals celebrated in Leh Ladakh. If you visit this place, don’t forget to taste the Ladakhi food that contains thukpa and tsampa as the most prominent foods here. One popular festival celebrated here is the Hemis festival that is also a popular tourist attraction.

Major Highlights

Here are some major highlights to go through –

■  What to Expect: Sight seeing, Camping, Bird Watching, Moon Watching

■  How to Travel to Ladakh: You can buses from adjoining cities to leh, Nearest train station is 302 kms away, Flights and cabs are also available.

■  Minimum Honeymoon Package: ASK (Per Couple)

■  Minimum duration of honeymoon: Atleast 5-7 Days

■  Time to Visit: June, July, August, September

■  Most Preferred By: Families and Couples


Top Destinations to Visit in Leh Ladakh

♦  Monasteries: Shanti Stupa, Thiksey Monastry, Hemis Monastry, Shey Gompa, Prayer Wheel

♦  Temples: Lonpo House, Alchi choskor, Teen Bhai Mandir, Shiv Mandir, Lachung Temple

♦  Valleys: Nubra Valley, Nakpochu Valley, Markha Valley, Dha Valley, Indus valley

Travel Tips

■  Reaching 10,000 ft above the sea level, you can fall prey to acute mountain sickness. Hence, it is advised to take complete rest on the arrival day to get acclimatized.

■  Communicate with your near and dear ones over the phone, before evening time, as the STD booths may get closed before 10 PM.

■  Carry water bottles, energy drinks, water purification pills and eating items in your bag.

■  Plastic is banned in Ladakh. So, don’t carry plastic bags.

■  There are certain restricted areas, viz. Nubra Valley, Tsokar & Pangong Lakes and Tsomoriri, and Dhahanu. At such places, you may require permits.

■  A copy of important documents (like passport, identity proof etc.) should always be there in your bag.

It’s time to witness the transcendental aura in Leh and Ladakh. This place is greatly unspoilt by human civilization. Thus, if it’s about natural beauty and adventure, it’s only Leh and Ladakh. Most of the tourists prefer to explore the destination on their bikes. Hence, if you wish, you can also plan to ride a bike to ladakh. We promise whatever your plans are, we’ll make them excitingly successful and you’ll keep coming here again and again. So, just check out our packages and contact us right away..!!

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