Travelling ‘Dharmakshetra’ becomes easier with Kurukshetra Tours Operators India bringing you exciting Kurukshetra Holidays Tour Packages for your religious journey. With Kurukshetra Holiday Packages you get to explore city attraction points. Kurukshetra is a religious destination located in Haryana. The city holds great importance in Hindu methodology and place of various religious practices. The city is named after King Kuru, ancestor of kauravas and pandavas. The place is also mentioned in epic tale of Mahabharata and Bhagvad Gita.

Basic Facts About Kurukshetra:

■ Ranked: Ranked 5 of 17 Haryana Tourism Destinations
■ Famous for/as: Heritage
■ State: Haryana
■ District: Kurukshetra
■ Altitude: 260 m
■ Language spoken: Hindi
■ Weather info: Summer 35 to 45°C, Winter 4 to 17°C
■ Pincode: 124417
■ STD Code: 01744


Kurukshetra is a holy place for Hindus and has lots of pilgrimage and historical evidence dated to 2800 BC. Here, the 18th day of Mahabharata battle took place between Pandavas and Kauravas. The place is also known by different names Brajhmakshetra and Nardak which means field of Brahma. As per the archaeological evidence, it has been said that land existed even in Pre-Harappa period. Several Sikhs gurus and Lord Buddha have also visited this place. Today Kurukshetra is regarded as the center of learning wrestling, Vedas, Ayurvedic, and Archery.


Earlier the land was under Punjab territory but in 1966 the land was passed on to Haryana. Today Kurukshetra is a place for religious and spiritual activity. One will find many holy shrines, kund, Gurudwaras, etc. The people here are of humble nature and they usually speak Haryanvi which is a Khadi Bol language. Coming to festivals, the people here celebrates popular Hindu festivals such as – Deepawali, Basant Panchmi, Dusshera, Holi, guru purav, etc. Coming to food, one will find mostly north Indian cuisine but one must try Kachri Ki Sabzi, Singri Ki Sabzi, Methi Gajjar, Kadhi Pakora and Bathua Raita.

Major Highlights

♦ What to Expect: Sightseeing, Pilgrimage
♦ How to Travel to Kurukshetra:
         ♦ By Bus: Buses from major cities such as Delhi, Dehradun, Chennai, Kolkata, Ludhiana, etc are available on regular basis.
         ♦ By Rail: Train is the most economical way to reach Kurukshetra. Direct trains are available to Kurukshetra Junction
         ♦ By Flight: Kurukshetra does not have dedicated Airport; the nearest airport is Chandigarh Airport which is 83km away.
♦ Minimum Holiday Package: ASK (Per Couple)
♦ Minimum duration of holiday: Atleast 2-3 days
♦ Time to Visit: February, March, September, October, November, December
♦ Most Preferred By: Families and Couples

Top Destinations to Visit in Kurukshetra

• Temples : Bhadrakali Temple, Kali Mandir, Ban Ganga Mandir, Santoshi Mata Mandir, Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple
• Religious : Brahmasarovar, Jyotisar, Bhishma Kund, Phalgu Tirtha, Sannihit Sarovar
• Museums : Krishna Museum, Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Panorama Science Museum, Shiv Darshan Museum, Dharohar Museum
• Other Famous Places : Sheikh Chehli Ka Makbara, Raja Harsh Ka Tila, Brahma Sarovar Park, Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum


Travel Tips

■ Avoid unhygienic food; don’t eat from streets
■ Beware of pickpockets
■ Don’t take ride from unknown person
■ Keep valuable items like necklace, wristwatch, etc safe at hotel
■ Carry loose cash for shopping and spiritual activity like path-puja


Pack your bags and lets travel to Kurukshetra where temples itself tells an amazing story of Mahabharata. If you want to plan short yet exciting trip then let’s Travel to Kurukshetra with your family to get an amazing religious journey. It is the birthplace of many wrestlers such as Rajender Kumar.


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