Travel towards the most industrialized state with Gujarat Tour Operators Delhi favoring you with Gujarat Holiday Packages India. Choose any Gujarat Tour Packages as per your means; you get to experience the tradition and culture that you’ll never get to see anywhere around world. The region can be divided into three: the eastern region, the Saurashtra region and salty desert. The place is famous for its architectural heritage, mausoleums and mosques. The local’s peoples are very proud of their culture and they have preserved it beautifully even they modernized. The place was once the princely region with more than 562 states.


Basic Facts about Gujarat:

• Rank: Ranked 8th in India
• Known as: Princely State
• Famous for/as: Culture, Heritage
• Altitude: 53 m on average
• Pin code: Vary as per district 38xxxx
• Country: India
• Language: Gujarati, Hindi
• STD code: Vary as per region
• Weather: Daytime 296 degree Celsius and Night 12 Degree Celsius


The place was the major hub of Indus Valley Civilization containing many ancient cities such as Lothal, Dholavira, and Gola Dhoro. Each city has its own significant and is the important archaeological site in India. Out of 3, Gola Dharo was recently founded and more than 50 Indus valley ruins were founded here. The early history discloses the imperial grandeur of Chandragupt Maurya and Emperor Ashoka during 322 BC to 294 BC. During the second Anglo Maratha War, British East India Company took control over this place and many rulers accepted British monarch in order to retain local self rule.


Gujarat is a prosperous region with varied culture. There are several vibrant cities in Gujarat which shows the true color of its tradition, heritage and culture. Their custom is purely reflected on their dance forms, art forms, language, beliefs and ethical values that are being carried forward from generations. Their lifestyle is a pure combination of modern and traditional where women wear Ghagra-Choli and men wear Dhoti- Kurta. The food here is definitely spicy but that doesn’t steal its delicacy. Out of so many tasty food, Gujarati Thali that consists- khichdi kadhi, cereals, pulses, green vegetables, ghee, fruits, milk, butter milk, etc is definitely a steal that will leave a taste of Gujarat.


♦ What to expect: Heritage monuments and forts
♦ How to travel:
• By Flight- Gujarat Airport is well connected to major cities and regular flights are available.
• By Train- Train is the most economical way to reach here and Gujarat has well connected rail network.
• By Bus- this is the best way to travel Rajasthan giving you the amazing sights. Interstate and Private buses are available on regular basis.
♦ Minimum Duration of Holiday: 4 to 7 days
♦ Best time to Visit: November to February.
♦ Most Preferred By: Couples and family.

Top Destinations

• Heritage: Baroda(Vadodara), Surat, Rajkot, Bhuj, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Anand, Porbandar, Pavagadh, Pavagadh, Palanpur, Himmatnagar, Surendranagar, Dholavira, Modhera, Kheda, Champaner, Gondal.
• Pilgrimage: Dwarka, Somnath, Gandhinagar, Ambaji, Gandhidham, Navsari, Verawal, Ankleshwar, Palitana, Danta-Ambaji, Banaskantha, Rajula, Anjar, Jhagadia, Vijapur, Sutrapada, Naliya.
• Beaches: Tithal, Mandvi, Ahmedpur-Mandvi, Udvada, Kandla, Nagoa, Chorwad.
• Waterfront: Kevadia-Narmada, Dahej, Mundra, Deesa.
• Hills: Saputara, Bhavnagar, Girnar.

Travelling Tips

There are many famous cities in Gujarat, Plan according with proper route and as per your interest.
Do check the Identity card of Guide to ensure safety from getting mugged.
Keep your personal matter with you only do not discuss with Tour Guide.
It is mandatory to give tip at hotel, restaurant and driver.
People with dust allergy must take precaution or consult with doctor before coming here.
Drink packaged mineral water only.

What to wear in Gujarat

Like we said the place is famous for its rich culture, traditions and beliefs. Though the traditional dress for men is Kurta & pajama and for women it is Ghagra & sari but now the locals are also adopting modern attire.

• In summer: It is advisable to dress up in cotton as the climate is quite high in most of the area in Gujarat.
• In Winters: Carry light woolen clothes for your pleasant journey
• And In Monsoon: When temperature is quite high and there’s humidity in air, loose cotton cloths is preferred.

Rich Cultural Heritage, Traditional Artistic dances, Varieties of food and ever smiling of people, apparently this makes Gujarat an ideal destination for you. If 6you were ever looking for a place that is different in all aspect and can give you an amazing expedition then look no further and travel here right now.

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