Plan your dream vacation with Goa Tours Operators India who offering affordable Goa Holiday Packages India. On a worldwide level, these Goa tour Packages are known as a source of exquisite vacation for the tourists. Actually, this place has been famous around the world for its beach holiday. Hence, the term ‘international beach holiday’ is used here. So, if you are looking for a place that is adventurous, romantic and culturally rich, Goa is the destination that you must head to. Further, people often think that this destination is meant only for the married couples. However, it is not true. Visiting Goa, you will realize that this place is a magical destination on earth that has something for each age group. We have organized a number of tours to Goa for families, couples, corporate groups, and aged people. Thus, you can be rest assured that the travel facilities delivered by us will be precise as per your expectations and needs.

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Basic Facts About Goa:

Goa, the hub of beaches and final destination for every occasion and celebration. Spend a great time in your party place or spend a silent time to keep your mind calm.

■ Rating: 6 out of 7
■ Famous for/as: Beaches, Temples and Forts
■ State: GOA
■ Altitude: 1,022 m
■ Language spoken: Hindi, English, Konkani, Portuguese
■ Weather info: Winter 31°C
■ Pincode: 403206
■ STD code: 0832


Goa underwent continual transformation. Thus, it left an indelible impression goa’s socio-economic development and cultural. Around 2200 BC, the Sumerians got into trade contacts with Goa and settled at the place. It is believed that Sumerians have designed the fields of Goa. This is possibly due to the fact that these follow their measure till date. After this, many dynasties and empires are known to rule goa. Some of them are the Mauryas, Bhojas, Satavahanas, Kadambas, Shilaharas and Portuguese. The rule of Portuguese in Goa lasted for around 450 years. According to some historians, the history of British in India and that of the Portuguese in Goa was quite similar. Further, it is a very interesting fact that the time when Portuguese used to rule over Goa, the country itself was ruled by Spain.


The Goan culture is said to be a blend of love for music and football. Not just this, it is also famous for the most popular celebrations here that include Goa Carnival, Christmas, Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Samvatsar Padvo, Sao Jao, New Year’s celebrations, Ganesh Chaturthi, Easter and Diwali. These celebrations are a major reason of tourist attraction. Apart from this, the Indo-Portuguese style architecture will also mesmerize you, for sure. Additionally, the music forms (Mando and dulpod) and the dance forms (corridinho, dekhnni, Western social dancing, fugdi and dashavatara) are also highly popular.

Major Highlights

Here are some major highlights to go through –

♦ What to Expect: Water Sports, Bike Riding, Casino, Cooking Classes, Yoga, Visiting Butterfly Monestry
♦ How to Travel to GOA: There are two main railheads in goa, madgaon and vasco, two konkan railway station.
♦ Minimum duration of honeymoon: Atleast 5 to 10 days
♦ Time to Visit: July to Jan
♦ Most Preferred By: Couples and Friends

Top Destinations to Visit in GOA

• Beaches : Baga Beach, Aguada Beach, Arambol beach, Palolem beach
• Forts : Bom Jesus Basilica, Fort Aguda, Goa State Museum, Chapora Fort, Cabo de Rama fort
• Others : Mangeguishi Temple, The church of our lady, Kala Academy, Bats Island, Divar Island

Travel Tips

♦ Make sure you have a copy of important documents (like passport, identity proof etc.) In your bag.
♦ Before entering any place of worship, remove your slippers or shoes.
♦ Nudity on public places and the beaches is forbidden.
♦ Do not leave any type of valuable item or cash in your hotel room.
♦ Refrain from talking to strangers.
♦ Avoid smoking in public places
♦ Public display of affection should be avoided in public places.

Goa is among the most destinations in India. Hence, if you still thinking about a vacation, just stop thinking and start packing your bags for goa tour. Our packages are designed in accordance with a traveler’s needs. Thus, all your travel, budget and accommodation needs will be satisfied completely with our packages. So, get going with your tour plans and call us right away. Our tour operators will provide you authentic solutions to all your travel queries and needs.

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