Travel easily with Gaumukh Tour operators delhi providing you affordable Gaumukh Holiday Packages India as per your need. wide range of  Gaumukh Tour Packages to get the experience of beautiful reservoir of Holy Ganga. The city is considered as the birthplace of river Ganga. Many travelers and Hindu’s devotees come here to witness the Gangotri glacier. The word id derived from two Sanskrit words “Ganga” and “Utri” which means Ganga Descends.

Basic Facts About Jaipur:

■  Ranked: 24 out of 56 Places To Visit In Uttarakhand
■  Famous for/as: Religious place
■  State: Uttrakhand
■  District: Uttarkashi district
■  Altitude: 4255 m
■  Language spoken: Hindi
■  Weather info: Summer – 29 to 40 degree Celsius, Winter: 5 to 20 degree Celsius
■  Pincode: 249121
■  STD code: 01376



The place is also know by Gomukh and holds great presence in Hindu’s culture and tradition. Centered on river Ganges it is one of the holiest land of Uttrakhand. It has been said that once a shepherd boy was searching for his sheep and reached near a glacier which looked exactly like mouth of cow. From there it got its name as Gomukh. As per the purans The Goddess Ganga descended from heaven to this place and formed three streams.


The place is a lifeline to Indian culture and many saints, people from far places come here to for their religious activity, sin bath and to devote their prayer to river Ganges. The place is less crowded and famous for other physical activities such as Trekking, Hiking, mountain climbing, Biking, campaign and Bonfire. Coming to food, one will various dishes of North Indian cuisine but to get the true feeling of local one must try local food: Dahi ki curry, roti, etc.


Here are some major highlights to go through –

♦ What to Expect: Sightseeing, Shopping

♦ How to Travel to Gaumukh:

     ♦  By Bus: Interstate bus terminal are available on regular basis from various neighboring cities.
♦  By flight: No direct flights are available; nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is 275 KM away from Gomukh
♦  By rail: No direct train is available; the nearest railway station is Haridwar
♦  By Road: If you’re travelling by car or any other vehicle then consider NH 58.

♦ Minimum duration of Holiday: Atleast 2 to 3 days

♦ Time to Visit: May to October

♦ Most Preferred By: Friends and Family

Top Destination

♦  Attraction points: Birla Mandir, Govind Dev ji Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Moti Dungari Temple, Jain Mandir

♦  Near places : Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Ukhimath, Badrinath

Travel Tips

■  This place is not recommended for asthmatic patient.
■  Carrying extra cloths is recommended.
■  Cover your Knee and elbow with safety pads.
■  Do not go trekking alone.
■  medical kit is recommended


It’s time to get ready, pack your bags and travel along with your family and friend. Gaumukh could be both, religious and thrilling. You get to experience the spirituality of river Ganges as well as the exhilarating physical activities. The place is located away from city crowd giving you an ear pleasing experience.

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