Plan your remarkable Bhutan Holiday packages India today by 100+ experencied Bhutan tour operators Delhi that are capable to providing you the appreciable Bhutan tour Packages as per your request. Travelling to Bhutan will leave an indelible mark in your mind with its mighty Himalayas and ancient tradition monuments. Bhutan is famous for incredible landscape and natural beauty which makes Bhutan wonderful place and highly recommended travelling destination.

Basic Facts About Bhutan:

■ Ranked: Bhutan ranked as one of the world happiest country
■ Famous for/as: Highest unclimbed peak, Gangkhar Penusum
■ Altitude: 8000ft above sea level
■ Language spoken: Dzongkha
■ Weather info: 15-30 degrees Celsius
■ STD code: +975



Bhutan is small but mountainous state nested in Himalayas where cloud covers the ancient monuments situated on mountain slopes. The country known by many names- Lho Jong, the valley of the south, Lho mon Kha Shi, Lho Mon Men Jong, valley of medicinal herbs and Lho mon tsenden Jong. The name of Bhutan derives from the Sanskrit language where Bhu-uttan means high Land. The History of Bhutan will take you back to 2000 B.C when the Monpa migrated from Tibet.


Bhutan is also popularly known as Druk Yul means Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan has maintained a policy of strict isolation in preserving its culture heritage and independence. Bhutan is a few country on earth which has never been conquered by external invader. Coming to their lifestyle, Bhutanese dress reflect traditionalism about their culture where men wear Knee-length robe known as Ghoo along with traditional belt known as kera whereas women, on other hand, wear, wear kira, long-ankle length dress resembling their cultural lifestyle of thousands year. One will find Bhutanese Society surrounded and centered by Buddhism/ Buddhist culture.


Here are some major highlights to go through –

♦ What to Expect: Sightseeing, Wild orchids, Landscapes and bird watching, Camping,
♦ How to Travel to Bhutan: There are currently two airlines operate flights to Bhutan i.e. Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. One could Depart from following points include Bangkok (Thailand), Kathmandu (Nepal), New Delhi and Kolkata (India), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Yangoon (Myanmar), and Singapore.
One could also opt by road option from India by crossing aigon-Phuentsholing border
♦ Minimum duration of Holiday: Atleast 5 to 7 days
♦ Time to Visit: Autumn (Sep-Nov) and Spring (April-June)
♦ Most Preferred By: Travelers explorers, Family and couple

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Travel Tips

♦ No need to carry liquid cash as many ATM’s are available
♦ Consider a local home stay to have first experience in the daily life of Bhutanese family.
♦ Pack warm clothes especially between November and March. You will experience huge changes in elevation when travelling in Bhutan, with certain valleys that might be colder than others. It’s best to be prepared


Travelling to Bhutan will give you soul refreshing and never to forget experience. If you’re looking for a perfect holiday or honeymoon destination then we suggest you to look no further, pack your bags and get yourself ready and start your journey to a place of beautiful landscapes, scenery and explore amazing culture.

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