Let’s travel to Garden City with Bangalore Holiday Packages India which is planned by 100+ experienced Bangalore Tour Operators Delhi. we are making your vacation delightful with Bangalore tour packages by covering all tourist attraction points and culture. Bangalore is also pronounced as Bengaluru (from Kannad language) and it Asia’s most vibrant and fastest growing city in terms of technology, innovation, startups and it’s also known as silicon valley of India. The modern Bangalore is blended with many cultures. One could find great cuisine from all part of world. Bangalore is famous for its amazing night life and lifestyle.

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Basic Facts About Bangalore:

■ Ranked: 1 out of 98 in Karnataka Tourism Destination
■ Famous for/as: City
■ State: Karnataka
■ State: Bangalore
■ Altitude: 920 m
■ Language spoken: Kannad
■ Weather info: Summer 19 to 37 degree Celsius, winter 15 to 32 Celsius
■ Pincode: 560001
■ STD code: 080


Kempe Gowda laid the foundation of Bangalore City. He shaped the city with forts build with expensive mud and brick; in 1683 the city was acquired by Mughals and ruled under the command of Haider Ali. Thereafter, the kingdom went under Tipu Sultan. After the death of Tipu Sultan, the kingdom was took over by Britishers and started developing cities with railways networks, roads, posts and telegraphs. It was under the British reign that Bangalore developed and took the shape of modern city. After India’s independence, Bangalore became the capital of Karnataka. In 2006, the city was renamed renamed from Bangalore to Bengalooru. Beside changing its official name the term Bangalore is still very common.


The city is a beautiful mixture of rich culture heritage with modern technology and lifestyle. The fusion of old with new brings the best of both worlds. The people here belong to various religion, caste and communities. The majority of population speaks Kannad but English is also quite widely spoken. Bangalore has the highest number of lakes compare to any city, almost 200. Coming to food, the city has both local and international cuisine. From the hot spicy Masala Dosa to Chatap Patar snacks, You’ll find plenty of food options to taste. Festivals such as Ponhal, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra festival, Diwali, Eid and Christmas are heartily celebrated.

Major Highlights

♦ What to Expect: Food, Shopping and Sightseeing
♦ How to Travel to Bangalore:

         ♦ By Bus: Buses are available from major nearby cities. KRCTC provides interstate bus services on regular basis.
         ♦ By Rail: Train is the fast and economical way to reach here. Trains are available on regular basis.
         ♦ By Flight: Flight to Bangalore are available from all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, etc on regular basis.
         ♦ By Road/Cab/Self driving: If you are travelling by road, NH 7passes through Bangalore. One can also rent a car or bike for city travelling.

♦ Minimum Holiday Package: ASK (Per Couple)
♦ Minimum duration of honeymoon: Atleast 4-6 Days
♦ Time to Visit: except journey, all months
♦ Most Preferred By: friends, family and couple

Top Destinations to Visit in Bangalore

• Temples : Iskon Temple, Bull Temple, Surayanarayana Temple, Ragigudda Prasanna Anjaneya Temple, Jaganath Temple
• Churches : St. Marys Basilica, Santhome Church, Ascension Church, Miracle Centre Church, Hudson memorial church, Ebenezer Church
• Lakes : Ulsoor Lake, Sankey Tank, Hebbal Lake, Agara Lake, Medivala lake, Arekere Lake
• Art Galleries : Venkatappa Art Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art, Kashmir Art Gallery, Kerala art gallery, Maya art gallery

Travel Tips

■ Advance booking of hotel is recommended
■ If you’re travelling by rail, make sure to reserve your seat a month prior of your journey
■ Maintain a safe personal distance from taxi drivers and tour guides
■ Do not carry too much cash; ATM’s are easily available
■ Keep a photocopy of important documents such as passport
■ Don’t forget to carry woolen clothes if you’re travelling Bangalore in winters.


Enough of the reading its planning time. Forbes also regarded Bangalore as the next decade fastest growing city.  The city is famous for its amazing nightlife, pleasant weather, amazing food and culture. Our holiday’s packages cover all attraction points, giving you an amazing unforgettable journey. So let’s get ready  and travel to It capital.

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