Kerala Holiday – 8 Things that should be in Your Itinerary Ideally!

Holidays hold a special place in the heart of busy people because it serves as a gateway to find more about themselves while also boding better with the family. What a better place could be than Kerala to meet yourself and surprise your family with this new happy-go-lucky you. If you have come to wonder as to what your ideal Kerala trip Package must have, get the hints to make the most of the package you decide on purchasing.

Boat Races

Referring to its shape, the boats are called as snake boats of which races are conducted in the month of January. If you have missed these races of pure adrenalin rush while visiting Kerala in this month, you have missed the biggest entertainment here.


Kerala is a part of India which is known for its colours and variations. And festivals are a very important way of life of the people who are occupied in hard work only to be relaxed in annual festivals. Before you plan a full-fledged itinerary, just check with your tour manager as to what all festivals would you be able to see in the month of your Kerala vacation and if the package can include being a part of that festival.

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Now that the world has gone global, chances of getting the food you are in habit of eating are quite high. Only, you should try to put a break to this habit of yours. Because trying local flavour is something every vacationer must try to get to know about the culture somewhat more. In Kerala, you will get the best of authentic seafood and vegetarians can have their own delights.

Tea plantation tour

If you want to experience the hills of Kerala, you inadvertently have signed to experience tea plantations and you won’t regret any bit of that decision when you would have curled in your bedcovers and glance at the misty mornings of places like Munnar.

Backwater trip

This state, The Gods Own Country, is renowned for their complex network of backwaters that helps rivers to get to their predestined destinations- sea. These channels also serve as lifelines to the farming and fishing communities and are a source of their livelihood from a very long time. Now also they help the people of Kerala to earn their living only according to these modern times. Now, when you enjoy a day or two in a house boat, you are aiding these people.

Beaches surfing

Being in Kerala and not enjoying beach is contradictory. While you were enjoying your leisure time in the houseboat, you might have thought of lounging and sunbathing in one of the beaches you pass by. Just be patient and you get your wish fulfilled. The beaches to think about include Kovalam, kappad, Kannur, Marari, Cherai and Varkala. Don’t forget to know what your tour manager suggests.

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Just do a mild Google search for safari in Kerala and as many as 24 popular wildlife sanctuaries would spring up. So not wanting to puzzle you, choose your pick which is easily on your route of the places you are planning to visit in Kerala from the options: Periyar, Kumarakom, Eravikulam, Chinnar and Silent Valley.

Spice Shopping

Now that you are officially in the Malabar Coast, you just CANNOT MISS spice shopping. Though there are many things to spend your hard earned money on, but spices can find a place with anyone and everyone. Local shops in Kumily and around Fort Kochi can offer the widest variety of qualities in spices. Shop to your heart’s fill.


Jyoti Sharma is a travel writer, who loves to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about his recent holiday trip to Kerala.

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