Highlight your event space among travelers by Registering Your Tents with us in India Delhi NCR Mumbai Pune Nagpur Bengaluru Hyderabad Chandigarh Kolkata Ahmedabad Surat Jaipur Goa Chennai and other locations. Huge numbers of clients are looking for tent service to celebrate party, ceremony, wedding, anniversary, birthday, success, get together or other occasion. All you need to do is lighten them up with your quality services and make your moment special. By registering your service with us, you’ll getting enormous numbers of interested customers at your store. All you have to do is fill up the required form with accurate and complete information to get you rolling.

Parameters to Follow

To provide the top notch experience to our customers, here are some set of norms and regulations that we strictly follow before we work with new associate. We do request you to go after each point in order to maintain goodwill and to deliver excellent service to domestic and international clients.

Tent structure should be uniform w.r.t availability of space
One must obtain all permit and license from appropriate government authority
Operators should be the owner of rental items
Installation should be done perfectly ensuring safety of clients
The staff should be trained and upto the standard.
The rental period will be applicable on install date and ends on pickup date as per the order
The tents items must not be illegally acquired
Coordinate with workers to avoid any delay and match up service as per standard
We’ll be not responsible for any loss or damage
The cloths should be cleaned; without any dirt smudge

Factor to Consider

Each customer have different requirement and we have to fulfill obligations as per their desire. That’s why here are some factors that we usually focus on so that we get the finest Tent operators that could handle all our customers as per their requisite. We usually focus on:

Size Material Weather
Strength Setup Features
Seating Style Area
Staging Lightning  And much more

Benefits of Joining TourBite

We our proficient approach, you get to display wide array of tent products along with other service in front of thousands of users who come to our website to fulfill their festivity requirement. Tent is requires for perfect outing party and by leasing your tent with us will benefit you tremendously such as:

Enhance the Visibility of Your Tent

Domestic and international Customers who are interested availing tent can directly look into our info base, making them aware about your company and generating interest in them. Majority of customers face huge problem in choosing trustworthy tent service. We give them reason to trust your brand.

Get Genuine Inquiries and Leads

We are specialized in bringing you huge amount of order to make your vacant space filled with lots of customers and as per your requirement. Our organized way of work helps people getting to know about what you’re selling and how it is beneficial to them. We enclose each and every detail to generate enthusiasm inside them. This includes:

Types of tents as per area/ Space as per occasion
as per style Number of peoples Service
Lights Indoor location Outdoor location
Time of delivery Payment options And many more

Get Pre-Booking Offering

Customers are willing to pay in advance but only if they get surety that they’ll be getting exceptional service from you. By registering your company with us, you’ll get to put in front every service and confirm your availability as per their time frame. This will facilitates you in getting pre-booking assignments.

Types of Occasion

In order to provide ample of options, we welcomes broad range of tents to full the requirement of clients as per their occasion. We cover:

Wedding Birthday Business meeting
Speech Inauguration Anniversary
Get together Kitty party Camping
Garden party Cocktail Launch date
Reception party Dance and ball Beach or tropical
Carnival And many others.

So if you want to earn profitable scenario and want to associate with us then do contact us to make your tent available for distinguish customers. Simply just fill up the form with accurate and complete information. Once you are done, our quality team will get in touch with you for further process..!!

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