Offer finest accommodation to customers by Registering Your HomeStays with us in Delhi NCR Mumbai Pune Nagpur Bengaluru Hyderabad Chandigarh Kolkata Ahmedabad Surat Jaipur Goa Chennai and other locations. Majority of tourists finds a very difficult time to get the perfect place to stay and recharge specially during peak seasons. This is where housing service is required to provide domestic and international tourist somewhere to reside. By joining us, you get to invite them towards your accommodation service. Simply fill up the requisite form with correct and legitimate information to allow our team to get in touch with you..!!

Parameters to Follow

We do follow certain set of standards which is very important to maintain the goodwill and to provide top quality stay to our customers. We request you to follow each guideline carefully and precisely before filling up the registering form.

The Home owner must not provide his personal room on lease.
The room should be hygiene, clean w.r.t upmost standard.
The offered accommodation should be well maintained and must have adequate facilities such as room service and security.
The property should be registered.
If the owner is involved in any legal case the registration request will be halted.
Adequate water supply, electricity supply, good ventilation and entertainment service must be maintained.
Sanitary services such as – Toilet, Bathing, laundry and waste disposable must be provided.
Any additional request made by guest must be handled professionally.
Staff should be well behaved and must maintain mannerism.
Keep the privacy and secrecy of guest plus do maintain professionalism.

The registration can be cancelled at any time if the standards are not preserved or if there’s a complaint about bad behavior from tourists.

Benefits of Joining TourBite

There are several advantages that you get when you sign up and display the availability of room to customers who are looking for neat place to stay. Majority of customer want to stay in a location with all facilities and you being problem solver get to enjoy profitable outcome.

Enhance Your Visibility

You can easily put your room along with all your facilities in front of domestic and international travelers that will create awareness, generate interest in them and make the think about your offering. If you have the finest HomeStay then they will definitely like to stay in.

Create an Appropriate Approach

We understand that there are plenty of platforms for you to join but by signing up at our website will definitely create relevant approach to customers. It is very likely that someone booking a vacation trip would definitely like to seek staying options, don’t you think? We show them the relevant suggestion as per their interest.

Get Genuine Inquiry

Our online platform is being visited by thousands of users’ every day and with our organized approach, you get to seize the concentration of users and generate curiosity in them. You can easily convey them what you are offering and this definitely results into profitable scenario.

Types of HomeStays

In order to provide the ample of options to customers, we are welcoming every type of HomeStay that are capable in delivering excellent relaxing stay that could recharge them for their voyage at next day. The registration is absolutely free but one must satisfy all guideline in respected manner.

Economy Standard Executive
Deluxe Luxury Theme
Flat Apartments And many more

So if you are a house owner and willing to lease guestroom to our top customers then do register with us. Signing process is very easy; all you have to do if fill up requisite form with complete and accurate information. Our dedicated team will definitely get in touch with you once you submitted the form for further proceedings.


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