Make your camera available to domestic and international travelers via Registering Your Cameras with us in India Delhi NCR Mumbai Pune Nagpur Bengaluru Hyderabad Chandigarh Kolkata Ahmedabad Surat Jaipur Goa Chennai and other locations to facilitate them to click memorable pictures. Thousands of tourists travel from one place to another but majority of them doesn’t carry their own professional camera. Most of the time they get stucked with their mobile camera which only clicks descent amount of pictures. By registering your camera with us, you can ease their holiday by providing them superb unforgettable clicks that they will surely cherish at rest of their life. All you have to do is to enroll with us by filling up the required form with correct, authentic and complete information. Once you click the submit button, our professional team will get in touch with you for further process.

Parameters to Follow

Before you join us, make sure that you take consideration set of standards that we strictly look into before we enter into partnership with new associate. These standards must be obliged carefully in order to maintain goodwill and to provide clients, customers or business travelers a top notch experience. Go through each point carefully:

Camera should be in perfect functioning condition
You should be owner of camera
All the lenses should be clean and dust free
One must provide the ownership along with warranty proof

Benefits of Joining Tourbite

There are several advantages that you get when you join us. Our systematic work ethic creates a profitable scenario for our business partners. Here are some benefits that you get when you register with us.

Reach Thousands of Travel Customers

Our platform allow customer to book packages as per their interest. We receive thousands of queries from domestic and international arenas. By enrolling with us, you can introduce your product to them and can provide them hassle free solutions to click thousands of pictures.

Enhance Visibility

Make your business appear on our travel directory by listing all your product and service on website. This enhances the visibility of all your offering and creates a direct approach where they can choose and select as per their interest.

Huge Amount of Genuine Inquiries

You’ll be able to place your entire cameras along with equipment in front of domestic and international travelers. This by and large results into genuine inquiries creating a profitable scenario for you. We display detail such as.

Camera Type Accessories Lenses
Weight Dimension Megapixel
ISO Aperture Storage Space
Battery Type Video resolution  And much more

Types of Cameras

In order to provide wide variety of cameras option to voyager all around the world, we deal in most of the camera categories making them to choose from abundant of options as per their interest. This also includes:

Compact cameras Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras Mirror less
SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Handy cam Sports cam
Head camera Point and shoot Action Camera
Helmet Camera Night Camera And many more

So Give your camera business a kick start and make them available to wide travelers for their sightseeing, voyager, business trip, safari or anything. Just fill up the entire form with complete and correct information. Once you submitted our professional team will get in touch with you for further verification and association process..!!

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