Top Haunted Places in Chennai – Real Ghost Stories

You might know Chennai for its splendid lifestyle and culture but you might unaware of the most haunted place in Chennai that are capable in giving you the bone chilling experience to new travelers. The place is popularly renowned for its exquisiteness and it’s the forth metro city of India that also attracts lots of […]

Top Haunted Places in Kerala – Real Ghost Stories

We ken Kerala for much exquisiteness but most of us might not aware of Most Haunted Places in Kerala that are not meant for faint hearted people and can put you in Goosebumps shock right away. Before we continue to tell you all about ghostly destination, let us tell you that what it’s like chasing […]

Top Haunted Places in Karnataka – Real Ghost Stories

You might knew Karnataka for its amazing culture, tradition and legacy but only few people are aware of the Most Haunted Places in Karnataka that is not meant for sensitive people. The place is bounded by so many amazing destinations such as Bangalore, Mysore, Hampi and many more. Just to add the little bit of […]

Top Haunted Places in Shimla- Real Ghost Stories

Shimla is a renowned hill station that lures tourists towards it. There are so many recreational spots for you to see that is simply remarkable furthermore brings summer retreat because of hills, trees and mountainous view. But the place that looks so beautiful at daytime can also looks scary at night. Same principle goes here […]

Haunted Places in Mumbai – Real Ghost Stories

We all knew Mumbai as the “CITY OF DREAMS” right? The place is famous for its lifestyle, nightlife, parties, celebrities, film industries, street foods, marine life and much more. Most of the people come here to fulfill their dreams. The city offers everything just like any other cities in world. You might have seen big […]

Haunted Places in Rajasthan – Real Ghost Stories

Rajasthan is famous because of its magnificent forts, unique culture, tradition and cultural dance that are being performed by artists. But if you just flip the coin, you’ll get to see the other side of this place. This place can be beautiful as well as fearsome. Yes you heard it right; the deserts can be […]