A)- Hotel Booking


Q1. How to Make or Confirm Bookings over the Phone?

Ans: You can make the bookings, by contact us at +918527599524


Q2. Is There A Possibility to Book Multi-Sector Itinerary?

Ans: Yes, you can book a multi-sector itinerary, by contacting us at +918527599524


Q3. How to Make a Booking for a Huge Group?

Ans: If you are travelling with a group and wish to make a booking, you mail your booking requests to us at booking@tourbite.com or you can simply give us a call at +918527599524


Q4. What to Do If a Specific Destination Is Not Listed On the Site?

Ans: If you are planning to hotel room for a specific destination that is not listed on the website, you can send us your query at enquiry@tourbite.com We will respond within 24 hours. You can also call us at +918527599524


Q5. How to Know the Booking Confirmation Status?

Ans: After the booking has been made over the phone or online, a confirmation mail would be sent to you. The mail would include all of your travel details and reservation number.


B-) Changes and Cancellations


Q1. What to Do If the Voucher for the Hotel Is Stolen or Lost?

Ans: In case, you have lost the hotel voucher or it has been stolen, you must immediately contact us to report about the same. We will then blacklist those vouchers and issue another voucher.


Q2. Is It Possible To Change The Hotel Booking?

Ans: Yes, you can change the hotel booking or the hotel reservation details. But, it should be noted that charges would be applicable as per the hotel policies.


Q3. How to Contact TourBite?

Ans: You can contact us by many ways:

♦ Visit our office
♦ Give us a call at +918527599524
♦ Drop an email at info@tourbite.com


Q4. What Are The Cancellation Charges For Package Or Hotel Booking?

Ans: The policy for cancelation charges is mentioned as under:

  15 days or more before the journey: Rs 1,000 deduction
  7 days or more before the journey: 25% deduction
  2 days or more before the journey: 50% deduction
  $8 hrs before the journey or no show: Nonrefundable


Peak Season Cancellation Policy:

The following cancellation policy is applicable in peak seasons included (but not restricted to) below –

♦ 15 days or more before the journey: 50% deduction
♦ 7 days or more before the journey: Non refundable


Q5. How Will The Money Get Refunded To Me?

Ans: After due intimation has been made, the amount will be reversed on the card, if the payment was made by credit card. In case, the payment(s) is made by any other form, it would be refunded via cheque, which will be issues within two working days, after the cancellation has been made.


Q6. How to Make a Payment?

Ans: The payment can be made using any of the following techniques:

• Paytm
• Cash Deposit
• Skrill
• CCAvenue
• Paypal
• Cheque
• Bank Transfer
• American Express
• Master Card
• Western Union


C): What Is Credit Card Security?

Ans: We highly prioritize your credit card data, while you transact with us. Hence, we make sure that many checks have been placed in line to ensure complete security. Here is all what you need to know –


a)- Physical Security

♦ Browsing the shopping websites is not allowed on the work floor
♦ No one, including the Customer Service Executives, is allowed to carry any personal belonging on the work floor.
♦ The Notepads provided to the Executives have proper serial numbers and are distributed in that order.


b)- Network Security

♦ The card information is protected by SSL technology.
♦ All IP addresses are stored and tracked, in order to locate people who may use the card info for any kind of fraudulent activities.


c)- Third Party Authorization

In cases, where the name of the passenger and the card holder differ, we opt for Third Party Authorization process. It is an internationally accepted technique to check the frauds related to credit card. In this process –

♦ We ask the card holder to verify the signature and card details in a faxed format. This way, the card holder gets notified about the transaction.
♦ Check the transaction validity with the respective card issuer or banker.
♦ Ask for providing an address and telephone landline number, in order to conduct investigations in the future.


D)- Flight Booking


Q1. Why The Flight Rates At TourBite Are Cheaper Than That At Other Travel Websites?

Ans: The only reason for this is that TourBite does not charge any kind of fee for using its services.


Q2. I Am Getting Redirected To Other Website. Why Is It So?

Ans: You are getting redirected for airline booking purposes.


Q3. Do I Get The Best Possible Rates/ Fares?

Ans: As mentioned above, we do not charge any additional fees for using our services. The fares, which are displayed to you are the actual prices provided by the airlines, exclusive of any kind of fee payable for using services of TourBite.


Q4. What Does The Total Price Includes?

Ans: The price is inclusive of booking fees and taxes.


Q5. How to Change or Cancel Flight Reservation?

Ans: In situations, when you need to cancel or change your flight reservation, you just need to contact us immediately and we’ll tell you what to do in detail.


Q6. I Am Unable To Find A Particular Flight On TourBite?

Ans: There may be a number of combinations ion a return flight. Hence, you might be unable to see some flights, because of the temporary unavailability of the provider website.


Q7. What Are The Accepted Payment Modes?

Ans: You can make the payment using any of the following methods:

• Paytm
• Cash Deposit
• Skrill
• CCAvenue
• Paypal
• Cheque
• Bank Transfer
• American Express
• Master Card
• Western Union


Q8. I Want To Search For International Flights On TourBite? Will It Be Available?

Ans: The Indian market is our first priority. Hence, you can easily search for the Indian market. However, you can keep checking our website for any additional flights, or contact us for any query.


Q9. Who Name Would Be Reflected In My Credit Card Statement?

Ans: The name of the airline partner would be reflected in your credit card statement, against the payments made.


Q10. I Have An International Credit Card. Will It Be Accepted?

Ans: Yes, it can be accepted some airlines, which accept such cards.


E)- Make Payment by Cash


Q1. How Can I Make Payment By Cash?

Ans: If you wish to make payment by cash, you can visit our corporate office between 9 AM to 6 PM. Alternatively, you can call us and ask for ‘payment collection’ option. This implies that if you are unable to come to our office for any reason and ask for ‘payment collection’, we will send our executive to your residence and he/ she would collect the payment from you.


Q2. What Is The Minimum Destination That Your Executive Can Travel To?

Ans: If you want the cash payment to be collected from your home, you can simply call us at +918527599524 and we will let you know the details.


Q3. How Much Time Will The Executive Take To Reach To My Home?

Ans: As soon as we receive your request, we will send our executive to visit your place. The time would vary as per the travel route and traffic.


Q4. Is There Any Fee For Home Payment Collection?

Ans: The service is free of cost for certain kms. However, if the distance exceeds the minimum limit, a minor fee might be applicable.


Q5. How will I know that my booking has been confirmed?

Ans: Upon receiving the full payment, we will send you a confirmation SMS and email instantly.


Q6. What Are The Other Modes Of Payment?

Ans: If not by cash, you can pay using any of the following –

• Paytm
• Cash Deposit
• Skrill
• CCAvenue
• Paypal
• Cheque
• Bank Transfer
• American Express
• Master Card
• Western Union


F)- Security and Privacy


Q1. Is Your Site Safe to Make Online Bookings?

Ans: Yes, TourBite is a safe platform to make online bookings and payments. We use the latest top class security technology available and make sure that your information is protected.


Q2. What Is Your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?

Ans: We always recommend our customers to read the privacy policy and terms & conditions carefully.

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