10 Best Dubai Cafes For Great Conversations And Enticing Food

Cafes are huge tourist draws. This is because coffee shops have everything that travelers need: comfy chairs, coffee and food, a restroom, some reading materials, and Wi-Fi or internet connection. It is also the perfect place for friends, families, and groups of holidaymakers to have long, interesting conversations – the ideal way to bond with or to get to know your companions better.

The Best Coffee Shops in Dubai

Dubai is known for its numerous tourist attractions. The city is also not lacking when it comes to amazing cafes ideal for hanging out and indulging in great coffee and superb food. As such, if you’re visiting Dubai, here are 10 of the best cafes you should visit:

1. The Arabian Tea House Restaurant Café

If you want to know how the Emiratis enjoy their coffee or qahwa or spend their coffee breaks, visit the Arabian Tea House Restaurant Café. Located at the Bastakiya, Meena Bazaar, this café and restaurant is reminiscent of a traditional Arabic house and courtyard. Their staff also embody the hospitality of the Arabs.

The Arabian Tea House Café offers locals and tourists a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a quiet and tranquil place, perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and long conversations. Of course, the place serves great coffee and food. They are known for their exquisite Turkish coffee, Arabic sweets, and breakfast dishes.

2. Reem Al Bawadi

Another Middle Eastern or Arabic coffee shop you can try is Reem Al Bawadi. It is a fun and cozy place, with the interior walls ornamented with lush greenery and vines.

Reem Al Bawadi’s menu is quite extensive as well. They have a variety of Arabic offerings, some classic American dishes, and a wide selection of beverages, too. It’s another amazing dining establishment you have to try if you want to enjoy traditional Arabic dining and coffee drinking.

You can visit Reem Al Bawadi at one of their three branches: Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Sheik Zayed Road.

3. Lime Tree Café & Kitchen

Dubai’s most popular gourmet café is widely regarded for its healthy, organic and yummy dishes and beverages. Their daily offerings always showcase only fresh and organic vegetables and fruit, eggs, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. If you’re looking for delectable baked goods with organic ingredients and fair-trade organic teas and coffee, you have to visit the Lime Tree.

The decor and interiors of the place resonates a New York café kind of atmosphere. The staff are also friendly and accommodating. The Lime Tree is one of the most beautiful dining establishments in Dubai. It’s definitely a place where you can enjoy superb coffee and food with long talks.

The Lime Tree has three branches: one each on Sheik Zayed Road, Jumeirah, and Al Quoz.

4. Roseleaf Café

Located at the Dubai Garden Center and Emirates Golf Club, Roseleaf Café serves excellent specialty coffee roasted by a certified Roastmaster and crafted by trained baristas. They are known for their single origin coffee and organic tea and smoothies.

Roseleaf Café is also widely regarded in Dubai for serving great home-cooked food such as soups, sandwiches, and salads at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a charming place to spend hours with your companions while enjoying excellent beverages and foods, you won’t go wrong with choosing Roseleaf Café.

5. RAW Coffee Company

A boutique roastery located in Al Quoz, RAW is one of the most specialized coffee houses in Dubai. All their coffee beans are ethically sourced beans from different parts of the world and their baristas work their magic to give you an excellent cup of joe.

This coffee shop showcases an espresso bar, brew bar, comfy sofas, a great sound system, and Wi-Fi. You will also find a savory or sweet dish (or both) that will fill your tummy and satisfy your craving.

6. Tom and Serg

Tom and Serg is known for its cool and laidback atmosphere. As such, it is the ideal place to relax with a cup of coffee and have engaging conversations with your companions. It is a homegrown company located in the Al Quoz Industrial Area.

The baristas know their way around coffee, so you’ll get a lovely cup of cappuccino or a cold brew that will satisfy your taste buds. Their homemade pastries are to die for as well, so don’t forget to sample or more of their food offerings.

7. Mokha 1450

Have you tried drinking coffee at a boutique café? If you haven’t yet, then you’re in luck. While you’re in Dubai, you can visit Mokha 1450, the emirate’s first coffee boutique.

Mokha 1450 uses only specific beans from the Ethiopian Geisha and rare single origins. The café deals with direct trade from farmers and families, creating a sustainable community. They are also one coffee shop that makes sure the origins of the bean they use are not forgotten.

This coffee shop also boasts of a cozy and charming interior and you will certainly be hooked once you get a whiff of their brewing coffee. They also have a selection of savory and sweet dishes and treats so you’ll have something delectable to eat while sipping your choice of coffee.

Mokha 1450 is located on Al Wasl Road, across Dubai’s City Walk Development area.

8. Stomping Grounds

If you want to enjoy coffee near the beach, head to the Stomping Grounds. This delightful villa café is located at Jumeirah 1 and is now one of the favorite haunts of locals.

This café offers specialty fair trade and organic coffee and an amazing menu. The interior also houses a number of inspiring community art pieces. Due to its location and interior, it is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a hot or cold brew and a light meal or snack with your fellow travelers.

9. Mama Tani Café

Located at the Town Center on Jumeirah Beach Road, this coffee shop has a modern look and feel that all guests will appreciate. Mama Tani Café is known for its friendly service, laid-back atmosphere, superb coffee and fresh bread.

Their menu consists mainly of sandwiches, but each offering is made of only the freshest and finest ingredients. Its modern and relaxing vibe makes it a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee paired with a hearty and healthy sandwich.

10. Espression Lavazza

Missing your favorite Italian coffee brand? Don’t worry, you can enjoy various Lavazza brews at Espression Lavazza.

The café has a stunning layout, modern red décor, and ample space. You won’t find it hard to relax and spend long hours in this place while enjoying a cup of espresso or cappuccino and the company of your friends or loved ones.

The coffee shop serves a variety of delicious food as well. Their menu has been designed in partnership with several world-renowned chefs, including Ferran Adrià.

Espression Lavazza has three branches: near the Ritz Carlton, The Walk, and at the Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Even though the weather is hot and humid nearly all year round in Dubai, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an excellent cup of coffee here. You will find a lot of fantastic and cool cafés here where you can savor the best-tasting brews (hot or cold) and delectable food offerings. These places are also great for spending time with your fellow travelers.


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