Plan your dream vacation in the lap of nature with Adventure Trekking Tour Operators in Delhi prepared 150+ amazing Adventure trekking tour Packages in India with customized options. It is a blend of walking activity and hiking. To put it in simple words, is having a journey or trip on foot especially in the mountains or a rural area. Several people do this act of walking for 3 days or may be up to 3 months or more. To be an efficient trekker you need to be good on Budget, some days off and definitely should be willing for adventures.

There are two types of trekking, named as Camping and tea house trek. In Camping all the things for resting are carried by the trekkers and to have rest they make a camp. But in tea house trek people stop at tea shops or rest at rest stops made especially for adventure lovers and travelers who engage in Trekking.

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History of Trekking

Long ago, armies, pilgrims and traders scaled up the valleys of Himalayas. Although this can be considered as trekking and is infect the earliest mentions of trekking found in the history. Not only this, Maharajas also went for trekking to hunt for royal animals such as tigers and lions. Which also led to the decline in numbers of these majestic cats.


• What to Expect: Trekking, Camping,  adventure, sports activities and sightseeing
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration: 2 to 3 days
• Best Season: All season
• Minimum Age: At least 14
• Most preferred: friends, family, nature enthusiastic

What Trekking Lovers Say..?

“It was an amazing journey, the whole thing was like a film, we explored so much and learned so much.”
“I Wish I could one more holiday so that I can go on trekking once again”
“Something I would certainly suggest to everyone to try once in their college lifetime.”

Safety Tips

• Control: Carry bags with multi pockets and a tight zip and soft cushioned shoulder straps.
• Stop: Wear full sleeves shirts along with full pants
• Follow: Always carry a first aid box in case of emergency.


Why Choose TourBite?

India is filled by so many finest places to go n Trek along with your friends and we know what it requires to deliver finest trekking experience. Voyaging through us will make you explore the best of nature eagerness with plenty of challenging hikes and pleasant walk along with refreshing breath of air.

a)- Wide Trekking Locations

In order to make you experience extraordinary events and activities, we cover wide destination that are handpicked for your march towards hills, rocky roads and mountainous regions to testify your roughness.

Ladakh Valley Indus Valley Sham Valley
Southern Zanskar Manali to Ladakh Markha Valley
Trans Zanskar Expedition Rupshu Valley Nubra Valley
Chopta Chandrashila Garhwal valley Chandrashila Summit
Har Ki Dun Dodi Tal Roopkund
Gangotri Goumukh Nanda Devi Kauri Pass
Snow View Kedaranth Vasuki  Tal Valley of Flowers
Khatling Sahasratal Kauri Tapovan Sikkim
Off  Beaten Singalila – Sandakphu Singalila Ridge & Goecha La
Yuksom To Dzongri & The Goecha La Kumaon Adi Kailash
Bhowali Ramgarh Bagershwar Pindari Kasauni
Munsiyari Milam Pithoragarh Lipulalekh Pithoragarh Sinla Pass
Himachal Dalhousie- Kishtwar Via Sach Pass Killar-Leh Via Post La Kinner Kailash Parikrama
Dalhousie-Manali Over Marhu Pass Dharamsala To Chamba Over Indrahar Pass Dharamsala Nayagroeon Trek and more

b)- Well Planned Itinerary

The schedule is being designed by our professional team who take care of several elements that offers you perfect journey along with well-timed service. Our precise planning has helped many travelers in their seamless trip.

housing Travelling Transportation
Food Safety Precautions Guidelines
Depart Time Arrival Time Pickup Spot
Drop Up spot Direction Reservation

c)- Additional Services on Demand

Travel confidently in all over India and world by taking advantages of our additional services that are highly capable in smoothing your trip no matter what region you are passing through.

• Tour Guide: To put you on correct pathway and making you discover best places.
• Translators: To make you converse with people of different language.
• In city Transportation: for comfortable ride.

Why Will You Love Trekking Tour?

Trekking has become a worldwide sport that is being undertaken by people of all ages. You get to witness the world best sights, get to explore the villages and their lifestyle plus you feel connected with your inner soul.

■ Perk Up Your Fitness

Putting yourself at extreme nature situation helps in improving your personal well being. Your fitness and strength reaches new height. Think of like this, if you want to detach yourself from hefty workload then this sports id meant for you.

■ Witness Natural Beauty of Earth

Trekking adventure takes you to place that you have seen only in books or movies. It gives you a chance to get into all those places that you have only dreamed of. You get to taste the best of Mother Nature offering.

■ Clear Your Mind

It gives you an opportunity to clear your mind from all hassle thoughts and motivates to live your life in a more better way. A Trip away from your home and work load will helps in changing your perspective. You will think clearly and will dedicate towards your achievements.

Trekking is something you should certainly do while you are in your college life. It will give you tons of experience and memories to carry along for the rest of your life. It is something that doesn’t include much danger and can be done both alone and in group. So, pack your bags and set on your expedition.




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