Plan your dream vacation with Adventure skiing tour operators in Delhi planned 100+ splendid Adventure Skiing Tours Packages in India to give you all the thrills and zeal of gliding over snow. Enjoy both uphill as well as downhill without even removing skies! This act of sport and recreation is gaining popularity quickly among adventure and thrill lovers. The act is worth enjoying and the experience is UN-describable in words, it is mesmerizing as one glides on snow from a height of 2500-3000 meters. You would get shivers while being on ski and gliding down the platform. The whole act is done with equipments such as Avalanche rescue kit, grip ( so that you can go up hill ) and Crampons ( sort of knives, but they cut much deeper in the snow ). Various styles of skiing include Nordic Ski, Back country Nordic, Alpine Skiing, and Alpine touring. Skiing is done around the globe, and is now enjoyed in India as well.

Skiing Tours

History of Skiing

As per Wikipedia, John Thompson is referred as the earliest possible ski mountaineer. A Traveler who used to ski to deliver his mail at a minimum of two times each month. He began delivering in 1855, and continued this for 20 years that came. He delivered near about 100 pounds of mail. There are several names that are linked with the history of Skiing, who have contributed or popularized skiing to another level.


• What to Expect: Rafting, Thrilling activities, Sightseeing,
• Minimum Packages: Ask per Person
• Minimum Duration: 2 to 3 days
• Best Season: Winter
• Minimum Age Limit: 14 year old
• Recommended for: Health and fitness
• Most preferred: Friends, Adventurous seekers, Couples and families

Safety Tips

• Control: Always be in full control of yourself so that you are able to stop or avoid objects or other people.
• Stop: Don’t stop at a place where you are not visible from above or where you didn’t leave a trail.
• Follow: Observe and follow each and every sign boards and warnings.


What Skiing Lovers Say..?

“During the second week of April, we experienced great conditions and beautiful weather. This was by far the best way to end the season.”
“I went skiing along with my wife for her birthday, The runs were great and memorable, and so was the stuff.”
“Fun for the whole group. We got the permission to link together, join hands and spin down the hill together.”

Why Choose TourBite?

Skiing is definitely a great healthy way to enjoy outdoor where you showcase your balancing skills and you endure gravitational force. To lighten up the sports spirit inside you, we are bringing you some amazing locations that are just perfect with intermediate slopes. We make sure that you get one of the finest vacation and for that we take consideration of several elements and safety is one of them.

a)- Destinations with Amazing Slopes

This sport can be only enjoyed at handful of locations that provide best angle. It is something that you just can’t do in flat region and that’s why we cover all those regions that are capable in bringing you adrenaline rush inside you.

Auli Manali Kufri
Gulmarg Srinagar Solang Nala
Manali Mundali, Uttrakhand Pahalgam
Sikkim Gangtok And many more

b)- Carefully Designed Itinerary

We make sure that you get the value for money trip and that’s why we take care of several factors before finalizing an itinerary. Our professional team makes sure that you get the memorable trip with safety.

Accommodation Food Travelling
Safety Precaution Guidelines Depart Time
Transportation Direction Reservation
Arrival time And many others

c)- Additional Services on Demand

Just to make sure that you travel full of confidence, we are bringing you some additional services that you can avail on request. These services will make you familiar with road and locals languages; providing you the supreme expedition.

• Tour Guide: To put you on right track and making you explore city highlights
• Translators: To make you interact with people of different language.
• In city Transportation: for your easy travelling and comfortable ride.

Why Will You Love Skiing Tour?

The advent of winter brings lots of joy where you get to enroll with heaps of activities and skiing is one of them. It takes you to the new heights of enthusiasm giving you the bird view of the land. Besides the fact that this is a thrilling sport, it is also the tremendous calories burner where 700 calories get burns in an hour.

■ Fun for the Whole Family

It doesn’t matter whether you know skiing or not, trying as a beginner for the first time is itself bring lots of happiness. Everybody loves snow and still if you prefer different, you can do snowboarding, snow fighting, making a snowman, cable riding, jetting and much more.

■ You Feel Fit

Skiing is a game that only a braver can do. It tells about how good you are at balancing yourself, getting hit multiple times and uprising like true sportsmanship. You feel like that you have conquered the fear plus it boost your morale that make you stronger from inside.

■ Everlasting Memories

A vacation without memories is like you tasted an ice-cream that was sour. You need to have something worth remembering like this one. Besides the joy, this sport is capable in creating lots of memories that you’ll surely cherish for rest of your life and motivate you to achieve more like this.

Skiing has long been favorite acts for those who love being adventurous and try out new and amazing sports and recreation acts. You can really get your adrenaline juices flowing while gliding across only snow from a height of 3000 meters ( or may be more ). So, if you are an adventure lover, it would be an awesome idea to plan your next vacation for skiing along with your group buddies.



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