Get ready for a thrilling ride in the water with River Rafting Tours Operators in Delhi planned more than 100+ River rafting tour packages in India to make your vacation remarkable. Not only it is an adventurous sport but also you don’t need any prior experience of swimming to enjoy the fun act with your group. The whole ride is divided into various stages or grades ranging from 1 to 6; where the first being relaxing and the last one being nearly impossible. The river ride is for both beginners and those who’ve done this before. The adventure is even more than how it is depicted in the movies or games, and it is a worth trying sport for every adventure lover.

River Rafting


The first act of river rafting was done in 1811 in the Snake River. However trip didn’t go far due to the lack of proper equipment or training. In the year 1840, Lt. John Fremont and Horace H. Day together invented the rubber raft. Followed by this invention, the first successful trip of the river was done by Clyde smith. After this river rafting started to gain popularity among the normal public and more and more adventure lovers started engaging in this act.


• What to expect: Rafting, Thrilling activities, Sightseeing,
• Minimum Packages: Ask per Person
• Minimum Duration: 2 to 3 days
• Best Season: All season
• Age Limit: 12 to 55 year person
• Maximum Weight: 90 Kg
• Most preferred: Friends, Adventurous seekers, Couples and families.


“In the very first visit to Rishikesh, I have gathered a lot of memories and experience”

“After doing it for the first time, I am in love with this thing. So many memories attached with the visit whom I can’t let go”

“River Rafting is one of the most thrilling acts that I’ve done in Rishikesh apart from Bungee Jumping.”


• Always Go With Professional Rafting Outfitter: While you are on your way to select your outfitter, ask them a bunch of questions such as how long they have been doing this, what sort of training their guides currently have etc.

• Wearing Life Jacket Is a Must. : It’s not that you would be safe just by wearing the jacket, it should be worn correctly. Each and every buckles should be fitted correctly. You need to hit a sweet point by having you jacket fitted in a way that neither it it too loose nor it is so tight that you can’t breathe.

• Stay With the Boat : It might happen due to a sudden bump that you fall off the boat. If something like this happens, remain close to your boat and try to get back on it. If you fell 4-5 hands away from it, swim to the boat and grab it. However if you get too far search for other rescue options.

Do seek help of medical professionals if your body temperature declines rapidly as this could be the case of hyperthermia. This usually occurs when body is suddenly exposed to extreme cold water or surrounding. The symptoms are shivering and paleness.

Also do carry mosquito repellants or any other lotion in order to protect yourself from insect bite plus carry water to keep you hydrated.

Why Choose TourBite?

Our precise planning helps in fulfilling the dream of yours by giving you the ample of suitable options to choose as per your curiosity. In order to bring you the optimum thrilling activities right at your foot step, we have framed itinerary in a precise manner that will give you the maximum sports exposure along with finest accommodation and foodstuff.

♦ We cover all Class of Rafting

Awesomeness comes when you get the river rafting of your choice. To give you the wide array of options, we brings you sites capable in delivering the finest river rafting experience that will thrill you from inside.

Name of the Class Details
Class 1 For beginners with very small rough areas
Class 2 Little rough water along with some rocks where basic padding skills are needed
Class 3 Whitewaters along with small waves with severe maneuvering in raft. NOT RECOMMENDEDE FOR UNDER THE AGE OF 12
Class 4 White water with medium waves and rocks where sharp maneuver is required and experienced person is required for strong padding
Class 5 White water along with large waves. There’s a high possibility of large rocks and require precise maneuvering. This is only for people with advance whitewater experience.
Class 6 Considered as the most dangerous. This is only for adult in good shape where excellent rafting skills with top quality equipments is required. Huge waves, rocks and hazards like serious injury or death makes this a game of skilled person.


♦ We Brings You Wide Range of Location

Every location has something unique about it and capable in delivering you an unforgettable rafting experience. In order to light up the adventure in your heart, we are bringing you the best location in India where you can go along with your friends and family to heighten up your confidence.

Kullu-Manali Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Barapole, Coorg Maharashtra Sikkim
Darjeeling Ladakh Jammu & Kashmir
Arunachal Pradesh Kumaon Brahmaputra River
Teesta River Kundalika River Alaknanda River
Bhagirathi River Zanskar River Spiti River
Lohit River Kameng River Tons River
Yamuna River Indus River Kaudiyala to Rishikesh
Marine Drive to Rishikesh Brahmpuri to Rishikesh Shivpuri to Rishikesh


♦ Suitable Services on Demand

Here are some additional recommended services that you can avail on demand to ease your voyage. This will put you on right track.

• Tour guide: To make you explore the finest places along with city specialty
• Translators: To make you communicate in a location of different language
• In city Transportation: For your pleasant voyage along with your friends and families

Why will you love River Rafting Tour?

Rafting has become one of the most enjoyable vacation activities among vacationer as it is capable in delivering fun and excitement and brings lots memories that will last a lifetime. One can relate the experience to roller costar ride where you shout when you go down the river.

✓ Squirt and Haze of the River Water

It gives you a moment where you paddle to balance and center to avoid the obstacles. But the enjoyable part is when you get the spray and mist of river that cools you down. Getting down with the water streams has its own benefit where you get to taste how exciting the life can be.

✓ Boost your self esteem

IT gives you an opportunity to challenge your fear and rise like combatant. You only live once and we only have limited time so why not become a fearless and put yourself into a daring situation to boost your self esteem.

✓ Powerful Adrenaline Rush

When you raft, you can’t imagine the level of ecstasy where your heartbeats gets strong, your blood circulations increases and your mind thinks whether you’re going to survive or not. No offence but all these has its unique moments. You get to see the flip side of beloved nature.


River Rafting is surely one of the most adventurous and thrilling water activities that one can do. Although you don’t need to know swimming to try this, but you would be in a more safe spot if you know how to swim. If you are someone who love riding on splashing waves, do check out river rafting at Rishikesh.

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