Reach your dream peak with adventure Paragliding Tour Operators in Delhi prepared more than 100+ amazing Paragliding Tours Packages in India to feel a sort of zeal running inside you. IT is not only recreational but also competitive adventure which including flying paragliders. These are free-flying, lightweight, with no rigid primary structure. The person doing this act sits in the harness, which is suspended below a fabric wing which comprises of suspension lines. The working principle goes like this way. Suspension lines maintain the wing shape so that one can glide or fly properly and effectively.

The Equipment includes wings. Wing or canopy is the main thing that hovers so that one can glide through the air. The next thing needed is the harness, which offers support in both sitting and standing positions. These harnesses are nowadays designed in a way as to provide comfort equal to a lounge chair.

Paragliding tours

History of Paragliding

The history of paragliding dates back to 1952, when Domina Jalbert made an advanced gliding parachute packed with multiple cells and controls for glide. Soon after this Walter Neumark proposed an idea that a person can glide even by running over a cliff’s edge. Soon, after events like this, paragliding started to gain popularity as an sport.


• What to Expect: Flora and fauna, sightseeing, paragliding, mountains, hills, sports
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration: 1 to 2 days
• Best Season: Summer, Spring and Autumn
• Minimum Age: 16 Year
• Most Preferred: Friends, braver, adventurous, Couples

What Paragliders Say..?

“Amazing experience I felt like a bird. It is very safe, the instructor guides you on every step. I had a great time and I would recommend it to others as well.”

“The whole thing is very scary and creepy until you hit your first leap and start flying like a bird.”

“I was allowed to hold a HD Camera while I was on flight and I had my whole air journey recorded on it.”

Safety Tips

• Follow Instructor: Whether you are doing it for the first time or third, you should follow each and every instruction from your instructor.
• Watch the Weather: Keep a check on the air current and weather conditions, adverse conditions can be very hurting for you.
• Proper Gear: Carry a proper set of gears along yourself. Don’t consider themselves to be a burden, they are there for emergency times.

If done properly, Paragliding is an amazing act that is recreational as well as thrilling. Most of the people who tried paragliding said they felt like bird while being on their flight. Now, there is no experience better than that, is there?

Why Choose TourBite?

The gliding sport is definitely the most cherished activity that offers the complete freedom and pure joy. You get to taste what it feels to fly like a bird without any gravitational bound. Besides the amazing view that you gets when you looks down to earth is definitely is stunning and cannot be compared. To give you an ultimate experience, we are bringing you remarkable location for you to choose.

a)- We Cover Great Gliding Destination

In order to give you ultimate riding over wings experience, we cover wide locations that are handpicked and capable in providing fast flying experience away from any distraction. You get to see lots of amazing view including sunrise and sunset.

West Bengal Ladhak Darjeeling
Sikkim Andaman and Nicobar Karnataka
Lakshadweep Islands Maharashtra Uttarakhand
Rishikesh Goa Jammu & Kashmir
Manali Bangalore Tamil Nadu
Meghalaya Rajasthan Gujarat
Sikkim Nainital Coorg
Konark Mussoorie And many more

b)- Well Organized Itinerary

Holiday becomes fulfilled when everything is happening in precise way. Our designed itinerary take care several of elements such as:

Accommodation Starting point Schedule
Stopping points Security Safety Measures
routes Important notes Food
Travelling And many more

c)- We Also Provide Recommended Service on Demand

You don’t need to feel worried if you are travelling into a location of language and unfamiliar surroundings. In order to deliver you optimum holiday, we are bringing you some additional services that you an avail on request.

• Tour Guide: To make you locate hidden treasured place.
• Translators: To make you speak with neighbourhood
• In city Transportation: for your comfy riding experience

Why Will You Love Paragliding Tour?

Paragliding is a perfect combination of sports and excitement. You get to enjoy every seconds of it. One can’t even imagine the level of fun that you’ll get when you going to slide down like a hawk in the sky. No matter what your age is, you must try this out.

♦ Best View of Earth

If you want to see how beautiful earth along with Mother Nature can be then you must give this sport a chance. Take your camcorder because the detail that you’ll capture in gliding is worth sharing over internet.

♦ Unique Way of Spending Vacation

Most of us look for a simple a straightforward way of spending vacation but we say why go simple when you can have enthusiasm. When you’ll tell your friends your vacation stories then this will definitely add a little suspense in your while you narrate your journey.

♦ Brings Confidence inside You

You bring out the self-confidence inside you. Paragliding is an activity where you conquer your fear of heights. This boost up the esteem in you and you look out the life in a very different manner. You feel like you are so close to death but when you start to enjoy you feel like you laughing at the face of fear.

So add a bit purpose into your life and lets this holiday a bit surprising shall we. So if you are planning or about to plan exciting vacation then do give this sport a chance. Contact us for customized options under your means.






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