Get ready to enjoy the thrilling Mountain Biking Tour Packages India planned by 100+ experts Mountain Biking Tour Operators in Delhi to make your journey memorable. Not only this act requires core strength, endurance, bike handling skills, but it also needs self reliance and calm mind. Those who have taken this hobby to extreme and established themselves as an expert even rides on high incline climbs and technical descents. This act can be carried out almost anywhere ranging from your own back yard to the grave road in front of your house. But most of passionate bikers prefer to ride off road trails, through forests, mountains, deserts or in forests. Many riders who go for long run carry a bag pack with themselves which normally contains water bottle, tools for trail side repairs. It is also recommended to carry an emergency kit in the bag pack in case someone gets injured far from outside help.

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History of Mountain Biking

The earliest examples of bike being modified for off road purposes dates back to 1800 when the expedition of Buffalo Soldiers was done. Following this, the swiss military got its first regiment of bike after 90 years in 1891. Most of the times bicycles were used off-road by those who rode them for keeping their body fit and in shape. ( Since it is a great exercise ).


• What to expect: Sightseeing, rock, hills, off roads, biking
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration: 2 to 4 days
• Best Season: Summer and Spring
• Minimum Age: 14 Year
• Most preferred: Bikers, friends, family and couples

What Mountain Bikers Say..?

“Really an awesome experience. After getting tired from whole day of mountain biking, it was worth a good night sleep”

“Really an awesome experience. After getting tired from whole day of mountain biking, it was worth a good night sleep”

“Was stunned beauty of the sunset and sunrise. Trailed along the edges of beautiful corn field.”

Safety Tips

• Wear Helmet: Like it is essential for wearing while driving, it is more essential while mountain biking. Sometimes you might fall off due to a sudden bump or any obstacle, that time the helmet would be a rescue.

• Be Fit First: If you don’t feel like riding, don’t think that things will get okay once you start riding, take a day rest or two and then go to ride.

• Ride Under Limits: You should know where you are riding and its boundaries and a brief idea of what is the area like.

Why Choose TourBite?

If you needed to spend some time outdoor, then mountain biking is a great choice that’ll make you to appreciate nature even more. To lead you explore the amazing part of the world where you can do lots of amazing sports, we are being you ample of destinations to choose along with precise itinerary where we have taken care of every detail.

a) Great Mountain Biking Destination

To make you experience the very definition of fun, we are bringing you lots of excitement by carefully selecting appropriate locations where you can do thrilling mountain biking in the arms of high passes, deep valleys and flora and fauna.

Manali Leh Jammu and Kashmir
Munnar Coorg Kerala
Dharamshala Karnataka Kumaon
Sikkim Ladakh The Majestic Himalayas
Spiti valley Pondicherry Rajasthan
Ranthambore Nainital And many more..!!

b) Well Planned Journey

We understand the gravity of this sport. To give you the pleasant yet breathtaking riding experience, we have taken care of each and every detail in itinerary so that you get the top notch biking experience with full safety. We include:

Start Journey End Journey Accommodation
Stop points Eating Direction/ routes
security Schedules Important notes
Safety precautions And many more

c) We Provide Additional Services

For a new beginner who wants to try this category but don’t know from where too start, don’t worry as we are bringing you some additional service that you can avail on demand. This will help to ease your biking voyage on mountain.

• Tour Guide: To make you travel around rocky mountain with rivers and more.
• Translators: To make you speak with locals
• In City Transportation: For your enjoyable trip along with your friends and families

Why You Will Love Mountain Biking Tour?

This sports is the another way of saying fit and fitness with lots of enjoyment. You can’t even imagine the level of adrenaline that rushes inside your body when you paddle to step up and down among the India’s most incredible track.

■ Get Closer To Nature

We all get tired with noise and havoc of city life sometime. It’s time to contemplate with the beauty of nature that will give you strength to continue your journey. Plus side, you get hold of alpine glaciers and aggressive nature and surreal landscape of lofty mountains. This will definitely makes toy feel closer to Mother Nature.

■ Brings Adventure to Life

We all have this one life spend so why not fill with some amazing travelling stories. Biking at mountain is one of the most adventure things that you can do as solo or along with your friends. You only get to hear birds chirping, wind howling, river noise and a bit risk taking with spirit of exploration.

■ You Get To Discover Something New

Beside the fact that biking is one of the killer workouts, it automatically adds up level of awesomeness when you get to explore new way of living life. You get to see amazing places that is impossible for someone to reach. It widens your eyes where you get to see hidden places, their culture and engage with them in more meaningful way.

So if you are planning to ride at majestic rocky mountain then do contact us for amazing tailored suggestion as per your interest. It’s time to take a break from your busy schedule and descend in love with this mountain bike journey. The entire aura of this sport is filled with sharp turns with serene giving you a memorable journey.

Mountain Biking is an act that should certainly be done with safety and precautions. A lot of people try doing stunts on their bikes, which is no doubt very harmful and dangerous. But if done under limits, Biking is a wonderful act that you should try at least once in your holidays.




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