Plan your dream trip with Adventure camp tours Operators in Delhi planned dozens of Adventure camping tour packages around India with amazing outdoor activity held mostly in lap of nature. For the act to be called “Camping”, a minimum of one night should be spent by the participants outside. This is in fact the thing that differentiates it from other outdoor activities such as Picnic and makes it unique. Camping usually is done in an open area, in an tent, caravan or natural structure. Unlike other activities, Camping gained its fame and became popular it 20th century itself. With advancement in time, it continued to grow even more democratic. Around the globe, Camping is considered to be one of the main activities. It also holds a very important role in Scouting; it is used to demonstrate team work and self-reliance.



Although camping first got popularized in United kingdoms near the banks of River Thomas, its history is often linked to Thomas Hiram Holding who was a British travelling tailor. He has been termed as the father of modern camping as he gave fame to a different and modern type of camping. It was his book called the “Cycle and Camp in Connemara” which led to the formation of first ever camping group.


• What to expect: Sightseeing, flora, fauna, camping, adventure.
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration:2 to 4 days
• Best Season: Summer, Spring and Autumn
• Minimum Age: 16 Year
• Most preferred: Friends, Adventurous seekers, Couples and families.


“I didn’t find any tourist crowd; it was just me and lush green hills. One should avoid visiting in Rainy season as the roads get slippery.”

“I love the awesome view of hills from my tent. The whole staff is trained to take care of guest, which makes us feel very special”

“On my first day itself I was stunned by the beautiful views and luxury service in such a remote place. Clean air and beautiful scenes”


• Have a First Aid Kit Although Camping doesn’t involve many injuries, but one should keep a basic First aid kit in bag for at times something might happen.

• Keep Away from Wild Animals: Never approach wild animals or try to irritate or mock them. Stay at a distance from wild animals.

• Keep Food Separate: Prefer to keep your food away from your tent, maybe hanging from a tree, but don’t keep it in tent to attract wild animals.

To carry the insect repellent cream to fight the bug that might damage your skin health. Also wear long sleeves shirts, plants to stop ticks.

• Have a safe activity: Remember that you are miles away from your home to a place where medical facility might not be easily available. Before hiking, biking, trekking or swimming, ensure your safety first and do cover your elbows, knees or head with protective gears.


If you are a nature lover or a photographer, you should surely try Camping once in your life. It is also a worth to try event for college students. Sitting in the lap of nature in an open area feels wonderful and is worth experiencing. So, pack your bags with food supplies and get ready for an adventure camp with your friends.

Why Choose TourBite?

Camping is a perfect way to spend holiday vacation away from busy life and city noise where you get into the arm of nature. With us, you get the ideal Getaway from your ordinary into the flora and fauna where you can test your limit and can see how capable you are. Our precise itinerary brings you the locations that are best for your camping along with your friends and families.

a)- We provide destination with incredible views

Camping without incredible picturesque view is just nothing. That’s why we bring you location where you get to see beaches, hills, beautiful flora and fauna. These locations are capable to get you closer to nature where you can spend peaceful time.

Camps of Ladhak Sangla Valley Camping Camp Dharamsala
Shimla Kufri-Chail Road Kullu-Manali
Rishikesh Camp Camp Mehi Pangot Camp Carnival Mussoorie
Royal Desert Jaisalmer Desert Camp Jodhpur Camp desert Pushkar
Rann of Kutch camp Lion Safari camp Daman and Diu Kaziranga National Park
Coorg Camp Anaerangal Camp Kerala Hornbill Camp Kochi
Mount Abu Ranthambore National Park Solang Valley Camping
Ooty Jungle Lonavala And many more

b)- Well planned Itinerary

Camping has to be done keeping in mind of every element from stay to safety and we do understand this. Our precise itinerary is well designed by our professional teams who have taken care of every required detail just to provide you successful vacation.

Accommodation Food Travelling
Safety Reservation Arrival time
Depart Time Schedules Directions
Dates Important notes And much more


c)- We Provide Additional Services

In order to provide you the vacation of lifetime, we are also bringing some additional recommended services that one can avail on request.

• Tour guide: To make you explore the handpicked places along with city specialty.
• Translators: To make you communicate in a location of different language
• In city Transportation: For your pleasant voyage along with your friends

Why you will love Camping Tour?

We all have a stressful life that we live on everyday and camping on other hand is one of the finest ways to dodge all strain and anxiety. Just imagine the beautiful scenario where you get to sit along with your friends and family, chatting, eating and dancing around bonfire.

■ Strengthen you

This will give you the ultimate break where you get in touch with natural element strengthening and boosting you from inside. Putting yourself into a situation that connects you with your trueself and restores your soul has its own pleasure.

■ Get Along With Your Gang

It gives you the opportunity where you get to invite all your best mates and can click lots of pictures creating a beautiful memory. Just light up the fire and share each other thoughts bring out enthusiasm with lots of sports activities.

■ Concentrate on your Hobby

On the positive, how about bring out a little time for yourself what you say? Do whatever you feel like- Guitar, sing, write, blog, take pictures, record the sound of nature, or simply have a cup of tea by witnessing the sunrise.

If you are planning to improve your physical health then camping is the brilliant choice for you to make where you can enjoy some wise time with outdoor games. Contact us today to get the comfort of warm tent and customized packages as per your interest..!!

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