Plan your ultimate journey in the shoulder of Camel Safari Tour Operator in Delhi planned 100+ remarkable Camel Safari Tour Packages India with full of adventure activities. This type of safari is very famous among kinds as it filled their hearts with joy. But this doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy. Riding a camel in long desert is something that one must try to get a lifetime experience. Most of the tourist often falls to these lovable creature and they enjoy every minutes of riding them. It thrills your entire afternoon with lots of joy and happiness.

History of Camel Safari

Camels are considered as important species among people living in desert areas. They use this creature to travel from one place to another. One unique characteristic of this animals is that it can survive without water for so many long days and that’s why unlike any other animals, camels is considered as more reliable for transportation purposes. At earlier time when transport vehicle was not there, camels were widely popular for carrying good and services. The existence of this beautiful creature can be directly to Egyptians age of pharos. Today, camel safari has become widely popular among domestic and international travelers and everyone attracts toward the magnificent of this being.


• What to Expect: Sightseeing, flora, fauna, , adventure, safari, bird watching and wildlife
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration: 1 to 2 days
• Best Season: Summer and winter
• Minimum Age: This tour is fitted to all ages
• Most preferred: Kids, Couples, cultural explorers and families

What Travelers Say..?

It as a comfortable journey and everything from food to accommodation was well organized and of top quality.
I traveled along with my three friends and I must say that what an amazing experience it was. The weather was perfect and view was itself splendid.
It was all so wonderful and we enjoyed every bit of it. The meal and hotel stay was of superior quality. For my son and daughter, it was the lifetime experience.

Safety Tips

If you are a beginner, make sure that you seek to help of a guide.
Camels sometime become a bit cranky; it’s better to deboard.
Do carry enough water that could keep you hydrated.
Do wear loose cotton cloths, especially in summers, for your own comfort.
Carry an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight.

Why Choose TourBite?

When it comes to expedition, we make sure that you get the memorable and safe trip. Our detail approach of working takes care of several factors which give you the ideal holiday to spend along with your friends and families. With us, you get the finest escape from your stressful life. All you have to do get your buddies reader and pack your bags for an amazing expedition.


a)- We Cover Wide Destinations

We know that you aren’t falling for safari it’s the plus point that you gets when you ride on camel. That’s why we bring you destinations that are incredible and can give you a moment to click lots of pictures. Each place offers something unique and you can choose wisely as per your interest.

Pushkar Camel Safari Jaisalmer Safari Gujarat
Rann of Kutch Jodhpur Neemrana
Jaipur Udaipur Bikaner
Dubai UAE And many other


b)- Well Designed Itinerary

Just to provide you top notch experience, our professional teams have taken care of several elements in before designing the finest itinerary that describes how the trip your trip will commence and how it will end.

Transportation Accommodation Service
Food/ meal planning Safety Arrival time
Depart Time Directions Guidelines
Safety measures Reservations And much more


c)- Additional Services on Demand

You don’t need to be worried if you are a solo driver or travelling along with your kids as we got it covered. With these additional services on request, you can ease your voyage in any locations of different surrounding and languages.

• Tour Guide: To help you out in unfamiliar surroundings and exploring best places.
• Translators: To ease communication course with locals.
• In City Transportation: for your easy and comfortable voyage.

Why You Will Love Camel Safari Tour?

Riding on camel and witnessing wonderful places of interest brings a unique experience especially to kids. If you are in desert and didn’t try out this then your experience is incomplete. This is something worth give a chance. Camels are the lovable creature and don’t harm anyone. Their friendly and calm nature doesn’t harm any riders.

■ Heritage Exploring

The best way to explore the traditionalism and culture is by experiencing it by heart. Camel Safari tour covers all the attractions points such as forts, monuments, Havelis, local folk lore and customary dance that are being carried forward from generations.

■ Perfect Getaway

Instead of spending your vacation with boring stuff, why not try new things that you can brag in front of your friends. This is the best way to spend some lovely moments away from stressful life and strain work load.

■ Gives You Treasured Experience

If you are parent then you can imagine the laughing look that your kids will get once they get this type of tour. It is well capable in delivering you along with your kids the wisest moment that you will surely cherished for the rest of your life.

Just in case if you are planning or about to plan amazing weekend getaway then do give this a thought as this is definitely a fun filled way to have your holiday with your buddies. Do contact us for customized suggestion under your meens..!!




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