Get ready to beat the fear with Bungee Jumping tour operators in Delhi planned more than 100+ customized Bungee Jumping Tour Packages in India with full of fun and thrilling act that involves jumping from a tall structure with a connected large elastic cord. The Tall Structure is a fixed object, however some people also prefer to Jump from a movable platform such as Helicopter or Hot Air Ballon etc. The adrenaline juices flow when a person rebounds after a free fall. For a bungee jump, a flexible and long cord is attached to a person’s feet, and as he jumps off the platform, he experiences a free fall until the rope rebounds. Bungee Jumping requires asks for an extra and out of the box safety measures to be taken. Due to the risks involved it is practiced under expert guidance and with a lot of safety precautions.

bungee Jumping


The first bungee jump was made illegally at 1st April 1979 by the members of Oxford Dangerous Sport Club from a height of 80 meter at Clifton bridge situated in Bristol, England. The whole act done by them created a buzz in the public. Although they were Jailed for this illegal act, but Bungee jumping became extremely popular in the days that followed, so much so that even American Army tried it.


• What to expect: Sightseeing, Bungee Jumping
• Minimum Packages: Ask per person
• Minimum Duration: 2 to 4 days
• Best Season: Summer
• Minimum Age: 12 Year
• Weight: 35 Kg to 110 Kg
• Most preferred: Friends, Adventurous seekers, Couples and families.

Safety Precautions

Bungee jumping requires high level of safety measures that are clearly mentioned below. These are very must to keep you away from any kind of injuries or unfortunate scenarios.

• Medical protection : Because of its extreme character, this type of sports is not recommended to person suffering from:

Recent Fracture Back/ Neck or Leg Injury High Blood Pressure
Heart condition Any Dislocation Asthma Patient
Pregnancy Osteoporosis Neurological Disorder
Or any other medical condition..!!


“Awesome Experience Must admits that the equipment and the deployed techniques are extremely safe. The safety was the key factor that motivated me to Jump.”

“A perfect holiday spot for adventure lovers. Rishikesh is the best place to do Bungee Jumping. Must to do for everyone once in their life”

“Very Professional, Extremely Safe and above all an Amazing experience”


• Equipment: Don’t work with a company which has old equipment, although it might save a few rupees for you, but we guess nothing is more costly that your life itself. Examine the harness so that while rebound it doesn’t hurt your ankle or cause a hurting rope burn.

• Location : The location from where you are going to jump is also location. It should be high enough so that even if the full rope stretches, you are safe and sound. The platform should also allow to stand until you feel ready to Jump. Don’t choose a place which has suspended objects.

• Health : We know Bungee Jumping is an amazing activity, but one should not do it if he/she is medically Ill or not fit for the jump. Several companies have made it mandatory to be medically fit in order to jump. Even if it is not mentioned, you should be there only if you are medically sound.

Bungee Jumping is surely one of the most thrilling and adventurous sport activities if done safely under expert guidance. It is a unique experience that can’t be taken down in words or described here. If you want to feel your adrenaline juices, do try a Jump at Rishikesh in your next Holiday.

Why Choose TourBite?

We know what it requires to give you the finest exhilarating adventure trip. Our precise itinerary planning covers all the amazing location for your all types of sports along with travelling and food. Along with us, you get the lifetime experience of bungee jumping that you’ll surely showoff in front of your friends and families.

a)-  We cover all types of Bungee Jumping

To keep the spirit of adventure, we are bringing you all types of Bungee so that you can choose the appropriate one. This also gives you a chance to tryout your favorite sport in different ways and style.

Body Harness Leg Harness Arm Harness
Swallow Dive Back Dive Railing Jump
Top of Cage Bat Drop Elevator
Pogo Thrown Water Touchdown
Cutaway Tandem Sandbagging


b)-  We brings you Varied Location

The feel and experience of bungee is dependent on the what kind of location you are travelling location. Every site has different form of bungee and that’s why we are bringing you the finest location in India and world giving you a wide array of options that you can choose as per distance, vacation days, season and mode of transportation.

Rishikesh Lonavala Bangalore
Goa Manali Delhi
Coorg Kerala Maharashtra
Jaisalmer Jaipur Sikkim
Andaman and Nicobar island Chennai And many more..!!


c)-  Suitable Services on Demand

To provide you the voyage to treasure lifetime, we are bringing you some additional service that you can avail on demand.

• Tour guide: To make you explore the finest places along with city specialty.
• Translators: To make you communicate in a location of different language
• In city Transportation: For your pleasant voyage along with your friends

Why will you love this Bungee Jumping Tour?

Instead of having a lame trip, why not add up a pinch of excitement in your vacation. There is something unique about this sports that attracts people from all around the world towards it. You go to any place of the world, you’ll find this sports being appreciated by majority of people.

Worth Remembering Trip

You can’t imagine the level of craziness when your heart starts pumping and when your hand shakes. One can actually feel the level of adrenaline flowing into your veins. A dedicated video along with pictures will definitely give you a look how daring you can be.

♦ You Jump In The Face Of Fear

This sport is a perfect way of saying “Controlling fear leads to victory”. When you jump, you jump right into the face of fear of heights making you daring person. You feel courageous and unbeatable plus you get an amazing sense that how thrilling life can be.

So if you are motivated to try out something daring then does contact us for amazing customized packages. Bungee Jumping is one of the chilliest sports activities that will stun and motivate you to become gutsy.

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